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  1. Crafting system similar to how fo76 works. You have different workbenches and they will craft related items only. So for example, the armor workbench will craft armors only and weapom workbench, weapons only (instead of having all craftables in chemlab).
  2. this was the original upload from the author, but i decided that i'll not support COATS in the future anymore. I will just get it back to the chemlab due to lack of communication with the author
  3. This patch is kinda outdate because it will only work with the legacy version of Wasteland Dairy
  4. good night @kairen92. Neither AAF or Victoriam Line requires Bodytalk btw. Sometimes authors set mod as required, like victoriam line author, but its not actually a requirement, its a recommendation, so you may want to keep your eyes open for these details too.
  5. so @kairen92, that might be due to Looksmenu morph inconsistency. Morphs can behave like that specially if in a busy area, so i suggest changing your body morphs where there are not much going, like close to a wall or where your fps works better. Both Atomic Muscle and Bodytalk are body replacers. You cant have more than one body raplacer for the same gender installed so no, they are not compatible. Depending on the mod, you might've mistaken that bodytalk is actually required... which mod are we talking about here?
  6. exactly, Atomic Muscle was made specially for users so they dont have to go through bodyslide. So lets not overcomplicate things and just leave the bodyslide files for actual advanced modding purposes.
  7. hello @kairen92 If the sliders are not working on the body, perhaps its not atomic muscle you have installed, its another body. To make sure its Atomic Muscle, you'll see the character will have a unique sculpted anus. Either way, i cant tell much what is happening with just your load order because they are just plugins, not assets. I need your mod list instead (if you are using MO2, its the mods from your left panel).
  8. again, please, do not build anything for Atomic Muscle neither for refits, they are modder's resource only! The outfits must be crafted using COATS plugin in the Armor Workbench under (Atomic Muscle) GS Outfits category. If you are crafint from the GS Outfits in chemlab you are crafting the wrong outfit (the default GS ones, not the ones i refitted)
  9. hello @vinceagashi! please, refer to here: https://vectorplexus.com/topic/1719-for-everyone-missing-coats-download-link/
  10. and i just noticed you have some mods unmanaged by MO2. Probably manually installed or installed by other mod manager @Pyros Onlyfans | Quicksell.store In order for the MO2 to work properly, no mod files can be installed manually, only through mo2 or the files will conflict out of mo2's scope and you wont be able to sort.
  11. you didnt happen to install the bodyslide files for atomic muscle or some shit right? see if there's anything conflicting with zex skeleton
  12. 1. Race Customizer is not compatible, its gonna mess with Zaz Extended Skeleton 2. The "Bodygen" mod you have installed is the Bodygen Reset? As i said, the bodygen reset is only necessary to be installed IF you need to reset bodygen to install another bodygen preset, so dont install it 3. Player Exclusive Body is also not advised if player character is Male. Atomic Muscle already has all the resources to make Unique Player an obsolete mod. Same for Unique NPCs. Male npcs will prob not get Atomic Muscle body with that mod installed
  13. This is the loadorder, which only displays the plugin. I need to see your modlist instead (some mods dont install plugins at all, so thats why it doesnt apply). The modlist are the mods you see on your left panel
  14. the knee fix is a skeleton mod. So i assume you dont have knee fix installed? May i check your modlist?
  15. Hello @Pyros Onlyfans | Quicksell.store If the penis is flying is due to missing bones. You either dont have zex skeleton installed or have another skeleton mod installed. If you happen to have another skeleton mod installed, and thats the cbbe knee fix for twb, you may want to use gender specific skeleton mod
  16. your modlist. Maybe i can spot something incompatible.
  17. i really need more to get to somewhere... the best i can guess is if you already set up archive invalidation?
  18. It doesnt seem to be atomic muscle you have installed. Which mod manager you are using? If you using unique player it wont work. I need more info of what you have installed
  19. firts do not build AM with bodyslide. The bodyslide files are only modders resource, not for regular gameplay or basic users. second, that might be related to other mods you have installed. I'd need to take a look at your mod list and see if i can spot something. But one thing that might help knowing, is that AM will provide its own hands with morphs. So if there's anything installing hands, it'll conflict.
  20. If you dont know yet, Bodygen is a Looksmenu resource that allows one to randomize body morphs for npcs, giving them different body shapes and implementing a bit more variety. This is a guide of how you can have different mods (like mod quests), to get the Bodygen functionality working for Atomic Muscle, since i've already implemented it for Vanilla game + DLCs Even though this is a guide specially made for Atomic Muscle, the workflow might be similar for any bodies In this guide i'll also use MO2. Im sorry if you use other mod managers, but i cant cover the workflow for all of them. This sure will work with any mod manager as long as you know what you are doing. Just a note this is the workflow I use to implement bodygen. It might not be the best one or the most correct, its just what i use. 🌑 Basic knowledge of the Mod Manager you use and of file management in general in your Operational System 🌑 The mod plugin you gonna give Bodygen support for 🌑 FO4 Edit to use as target for generating a list of Male NPCs 🌑 jBS2BG Export NPC List.pas Its a fo4Edit script that will help us generating a list of male npcs. I just gonna call it Bodygen Generator Script 🌑 jBS2BG - Bodygen Generator.7z The tool we gonna use to generate the Bodygen ini files. I just gonna call it Bodygen Generator 🌑 Bodygen Atomic Muscle Template.jbs2bg To be loaded into Bodygen Generator. This will help us start a Bodygen project I - I - 1 Install FO4 Edit anywhere in your computer, then add it as executable to your Mod Manager I - 2 Install the Bodygen Generator Script into Fo4Edit Edit Script folder by dragging and dropping the file. It should be among other FO4Edit Scripts I - 3 Extract and Install the Bodygen Generator tool anywhere in your computer and add it to your Mod Manager as well. I - 4 Put the Bodygen Atomic Muscle Template.jbs2bg file in anywhere of you computer as well I - 5 And of course have the mod you want to give support to installed with your mod manager. II - II - 1 Open FO4Edit using the mod manager II - 2 Right click on a empty space and select none so all plugins are unselected II - 3 Enter the plugin name you want to give support to in the Filter bar or scroll down until you find it then leave the box checked for it and hit OK. In my case i gonna select the 3DNPC_FO4Settle.esp which is the one from Tales of the Commonwealth Mod II - 4 With the plugin loaded right click on it and select Apply Script II - 5 Then look up for the jB2S2BG script and hit ok II - 6 You'll notice a maleNPCList - YourModNameHere.txt was generated in your Fo4Edit root folder. In my case, it is maleNPCList - 3DNPC_FO4Settler.txt. with the list generated we can finally start using the Bodygen Generator III - III - 1 Open the Bodygen Generator using your mod manager III - 2 Go to File > Open... And select the Bodygen Atomic Muscle Template.jbs2bg file i provided from your computer III - 3a. In your left side you'll see a bunch of SetSliders i made for the Vanilla Bodygen support. If you left click on them, you'll see there are different slider values for each. For Example, the BoS created specially to be assigned for generic BoS soldiers. They will get a range between 20%-100% of Nuclear Bodybuilder and 0%-20% of Nuka Bull for example. So a possible combination would be Nuclear Bodybuilder at 50% and Nuka Bull at 5% for a generated NPC in this case when the npc is spawned. b. To create your own template, you can duplicate an existing one, rename to something else, and hit Edit SetSliders. You'll be able to select a slider range or a fixed slider value if its for a specific NPC and you want a precise combination of slider values. Please dont touch the Erection, Penis Adjust and Anus Spread sliders. They will break the body and are mostly meant to be used for AAF only. IV - IV - 1 Now that we know how to create and edit SetSliders, we want to add those to NPCs. a. Go to the Morphs tab and hit ADD NPCs b. This window will show up, then you just hit Add Npcs from File and target the generated txt file we made, located in the fo4edit folder. All the npcs will be loaded then just hit Add All IV - 2 We only want to work HumanRace and GhoulRace, so you can click on the Race column so the npcs are sorted by the race. This will make our life easier when adding morphs. All the other races can be ignored since they wont morph with Atomic Muscle Sliders. Also, before assigning a SliderSet for an NPC its good to spawn him before ingame to see how he looks like and see with ingame advanced sliders, which kind of combination fits him better. So for example, if i want to spawn peter i need to check the ModIndex for the plugin im giving support to, which in my case is A0 (you can check the index using mod organizer for example). So in this case i'd have to spawn peter using player.placeatme A0009564 then using slm A0009564 to open the looksmenu for him (note that all npc ids have 8 numbers, so if i just entered A09546 it wouldnt work, thats why its A0009564, just put additional zeros between the modindex and the value given in bodygen generator). IV - 3a. Alright, so i gonna add a template for Peter. In this case, i gonna select him and hit Add b. This will will show up, then you just select the SliderSet you want to add for him, i gonna select the Test we created earlier and hit Add =>. And done. Now Peter will have the Test SliderSet to him which means he will get the sliders: Anus Spr[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], Erection [email protected], Erection [email protected], Nuclear [email protected]:0.63, Nuka [email protected]:0.2, Sack [email protected]:1.0, Shaft [email protected]:1.0 You can also add more than one SliderSet for the same NPC so he will get a chance to use one or another. That can be useful for generic npcs specially IV - Once you are done adding the SliderSet to all the desired npcs then hit Generate Morphs. Create a folder in your desktop with the following path F4SE\plugins\F4EE\BodyGen\YourModPlugin.esp in my case F4EE\BodyGen\3DNPC_FO4Settler.esp. Go to File > Export Bodygen INIs and target the folder we created in the desktop and you are done! you created the Bodygen files for that mod. You can then just install in your mod manager by packing the folder using 7zip or winrar and install as mod. You can also use File > Save As... to save this Bodygen Generator project so you can load in another opportunity for edits
  21. If you want i can just add the new sliders for you to looksmenu @Wiqer
  22. hello @Asterion you can get COATS for download right here: https://mega.nz/folder/bkUCRCIA#u_4GtnlOL7KFghTA3YE_AA you'll just need the required - framework file
  23. Since there have been people constantly asking where they can get C.O.A.T.S for download i thought it wouldn't hurt to create a thread. I know not everyone will read this but i didn't think in any other better way to let everyone know. So here it is the download link from MEGA: https://mega.nz/folder/bkUCRCIA#u_4GtnlOL7KFghTA3YE_AA All you need is the required - framework file. The other patches are just if you want the custom slot to work, which is not being used by anything implemented by me yet (dunno if i ever gonna use it since it doesnt work well with looksmenu overlays). So just the required - framework for now for the craftable feature. This update will now make buttons work differently: press E for modify and SPACE to craft instead! COATS will eventually get back to nexus (god knows when). For the time being, you can follow the development in gunetwork forums: https://www.gunetwork.org/t20118-fo4fo76secret-service-flyboy-vault-bomber-8-5
  24. If you want to use the CBP preset that comes with AM, you will need the legacy CBP version linked in the requirements. For the other CBP presets in nexus that you may want to try, you may need OCBP and or OCBPC depending on the requirements
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