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    sam mods

    In addition to that you want to install SAM Morphs for Racemenu, so you can get working for SE :morphs, texture selection and bodygen which were features included for SAM LE only until then.
  2. Ulfberth

    How To Replace Custom Body With SAM

    Glad to hear i could help. So i investigated its files and looks like your follower is using FemaleHeand.nif as referenced in NonPlayerCharacter record inside of the plugin. if you open the FemaleHead.nif included in the mod file you'll also find that its using a different texture and most probably, incompatible with SAM body Textures. If you compare both sam head textures with the female textures included in its mod you'll see how different they are. So if you have the skills you can try to adapt the female head texture to match SAM standards using SAM Head texture as a template. IF you don't have the texture skills so you just gotta change the directory to malehead instead of female head but that might change a bit of your character face, cus female head is way different from the male head To change that you can just open the follower plugin browse to : HeadPart>aaaMaleHeadAlbert and you'll get this as you can see, the plugin is getting its own head files included in the mod, so you got to change it to Vanilla standards it'll look like this after that
  3. Sure! as soon as the original author give me permission to upload it i'll get my hands on it.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Credit goes all to the original mod author moterovinus his orginal mod is required right here https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/35978?tab=files (No stupid Things Version), load this after it! Files included: *My own preset for Bodyslide (Install (BT) SOS Kellog's Outfit BodySlide Files in your Bodyslide folder) *Bodyslides files to you build your body with your own preset for sliders. Don't forget to tick "Build Morphs" box before building your body through Bodyslide AND FOR THOSE WHO ARE TOO LAZY *Built SOS Messed up Outfit with my preset used in screenshots *Built SOS Messed up Outfit without presets with 0/base sliders Let me know if you have any question, requests or suggestions. Also feel free to improve these meshes if you would like to. Edit1: Standalone version added, make sure to have the included plugin (any of the three files has the plugin) enabled to make it work. Only obtainable via console, just enter "help SOS" command to find its ID.
  5. Ulfberth

    How To Replace Custom Body With SAM

    You can do everything purely with TES5 edit. The most incompatibilities comes from different "SkinNaked" and custom "Race" assignment through its plugin. Try this thread right here: and if your follower has a custom race (any race that's not vanilla) written in its plugin try these steps too (note in this guide i was trying to make azog Sam compatible which the custom race is whiteorc, not vanilla): 1. Expand Race section > left click on WhiteOrc ... 2. Left click on WNAM - Skin line press f2 and type SkinNaked, your TESVEdit/SSEdit will automatically find you the record (SkinNaked for standard Human Race body assets) then press enter 3. this is how it looks like 4. scroll down till you find the ANAM - Male Skeletal Model line, left click on it then press f2 and type the following directory: actors\Character\Character Assets\Skeleton.nif 5. Like This Lemme know if you got any questions
  6. Ulfberth

    Download — SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    Wow look how far we are getting to... Bodymorphs, Texture Selection... Whats next? I highly appreciate your efforts 👏
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Just a quick conversion for Special Edition with Render permission granted ofc. It's not perfect, i'm not any photoshop expert, but since there's not a conversion for SE i feel like doing myself. Also feel free to make your own tweaks and upload them if you want to. Source for Oldrim: Credits goes to Render for making it SAM Compatible to Kraan for nipple textures to Fizsi for the first adaptation and to Monsterraider for the original textures. Edit: Uploaded Camaleon version, choose only one between them... Masculine Argonian Camaleon.rar
  8. ahm yeah it has been reported it doesn't work for sam light which i didn't know... even with sam morphs for racemenu. However i think its still useful to select one and use as normal map if anyone feel like to do it so.
  9. Ulfberth

    SAM User Guide

    Try the steps i've written
  10. Ulfberth

    SAM User Guide

    you need to manually redirect Half Dragon Race assets to use the same as NordRace. You can quickly do this with TES5Edit/SSEdit in your case expand Race> Half Dragon Race record, track drown the WNAM - SKin as in the image, Left click on it then press f2. Just type in SkinNaked and TES5Edit will automatically give you the Vanilla SkinNaked Armor ADDON record. And you are done... just save the plugin and you might be good to go.
  11. Ulfberth

    Fallout 4 Screenshots

    nice tattoos sir
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Just something to you guys cover you body with using bodytalk v2. Credit goes all to the original mod author SkyrimSasuke: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/18073/ Files include: *My own preset for bodyslide (Install Bodyslide - Improved Harness in your Bodyslide folder), this preset aims to make the body as big as this: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/36195?tab=description&BH=0 *Bodyslides files to you build your body with your own preset for sliders. Don't forget to tick Build Morphs box before building your body through Bodyslide and for those who are too lazy *Built Improved harness with my preset used in screenshots *Built improved harnes without presets with 0/base sliders Also if you'd like to make you character be as thick as mine: - Save and Open your favorite preset (***.json) by a text editor. - Find an array named "values" with five numbers. It should be around line 114. - Set latter four to 1. ex. [ ***, 1, 1, 1, 1 ] - Save and load in game as guided here: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/36195?tab=description&BH=0 these are hidden sliders for your body legs and such that can only be modified through text editor. Any question, requests or suggestions feel free to share in comments sections. Also feel free to improve this meshes if you would like to.
  13. Ulfberth

    Fallout 4 muscle mod request

    glad i could help... i found that masking is very useful even when you are brushing some vertices that are bind to other vertices, so you just mask the ones you don't want to get their volume increased/decrease and play only with the one you want to. Also the vertices filter help you a lot to see which vertices you're playing with when you hover your mouse over the meshes.
  14. Ulfberth

    Fallout 4 muscle mod request

    idk if its the most recommended but i found that you can remove the part of meshes where there`s clipping. Eg in your case you can just mask (mask vertices tool is located among brush tools with a circle fused with a square icon) the BT Body legs ( don't forget to left click on BT body mesh on the right panel first) invert the mask (Tool > Invert Mask) then go to Shape tab -> Delete Vertices... You can also toggle the vertice filter to see which vertices you are masking, its close to mirroring toggle with a pencil icon. That will delete your legs only and your torso will remain so you probably won't run into clippings anymore. PS: Don't forget to save your project before deleting vertices because the process can't be undone if you did it wrong
  15. Ulfberth

    Fallout 4 muscle mod request

    I think theres someone else working on it already https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/35043?tab=description. That is for BodyTalk 1 but he said been working on BodyTalk2 Refits. I tried to work on something myself but idk if i'm just unlucky or dumb cause there's always clipping when i load the outfit ingame. Unless i combine some sliders at same time in Outfit Studio, but i don't know how they will morph if i cover the clipping with multiple sliders on
  16. Ulfberth

    Fallout 4 muscle mod request

    but how he made the legs so thick like that?
  17. Ulfberth

    Fallout 4 muscle mod request

    it looks hella good, never thought we could get something like that for fallout.
  18. i cant remember how NMM works since i've been using MO for a long time, but try renaming The "Masculine Argonian" folder inside of the rar to "Data" instead and see if that works.
  19. as i said you just need the regular texture... not normal maps from it like this one And you have to choose between PBI and Skysight. Unless you stick with PBI texture + Skysight Normal Map
  20. if by younger you mean less muscular you can just pick the regular PBI texture from the pack and select a normal map of your choice. Also there's nothing like a standalone pubes texture, it comes as body texture as its own, all you can get if it's less hairy, more hairy or mixed with the Furball Texture by T1ranno and so on.
  21. Cool, are you developing your own script for skin randomization to work in SE?
  22. Ulfberth

    Feet sinking below ground

    Just a quick report regarding the feet sinking below ground. I was trying to make it work for npcs; since we can't import presets to npcs i had to develop another method. So here what i've found, an alternative way to fix the sinking, but first something i realized -> *Adjusting Leg to Body Proportion (deprecated) at same time with both Leg Length (Thigh) and Leg Length (Calf), kinda corrupts your character so you must adjust them once at time *To make things work your character must sink his feet before you save the game, or else, it sinks when you load. So that's simple, sink before saving to not sink on load. *Adjust Left Thigh, Right Thigh, Left Calf and Right Calf in conjunction with Leg Length (Thigh) and Leg Lenght (Calf) forces your character to sink your feet. If you just adjust Leg Lenght Calf and Thigh you character dont sink his feet which means if you load the game, he will. With that being said, in my example lets say i have some slider goals -> Left and Right Thigh (1.4) / Left and Right Calf (1.5) / Left and Right Foot + Left and Right Toes (1.2)/ Leg to Body Proportion (Deprecated) (0.87) / Leg Lenght (Calf) and (Thigh) (10). So the steps would be: 1. Adjust the following sliders > Left and Right Thigh (1.4) / Left and Right Calf (1.5) / Left and Right Foot + Left and Right Toes (1.2)/ Leg Lenght (Calf) and (Thigh) (10) [Note that i didn't touch Leg to Body Proportion (Deprecated) yet]. Your character must sink his feet. 2. After that exit Racemenu, open it again and adjust the last slider to -> Leg to Body Proportion (Deprecated) (0.87). Even after that your character must have his feet sunk. 3. Exit Racemenu, save the game, load it and there you have it!!! Well don't ask me why, it just works... "Hey Ulf... but your settings make your character's feet float instead", not a problem... SAM Body tab (SAM Morphs For Racemenu) has a slider called "Pelvis" with that one you can make the feet touch the ground again.
  23. any idea on how to fix this? my feet keep sinking into the ground whenever i load my game. Its like racemenu is not saving the leg lenght(calf) slider. i change it a bit and gets back to normal but sink again when i load the save. this is how its supposed to look like (right after changing the calf slider) Any fix i can get from google is just related to hdt heels but i dont use that. Also, somehow i managed to make it work in an older save with another preset but i cant remember what i've done for it.
  24. Why not just using sse optimizer to convert the LE version to SE instead?
  25. As far as i know this usually happens at the very start state of the game. Sam is meant to be used post helgen escape or something. Its one of those mods that need a "clean save" to get it running.