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Status Updates posted by Ulfberto

  1. Hello everyone, i dont know how many will see this but im currently not modding fo4 anymore because ive been involved in other projects. I may return someday tho, but i cant promise or give a estimated time.
    If anyone is interested in continuing any of my WIP you can let me know in private message or my discord Ulfberto#8216

  2. Just wanted to thank you all for donating for what i do.
    I do really appreciate all the support you guys are giving to me! It motivates me to keep providing free and cool content, for everyone 🐻

  3. Idk how many will see this, but people have been trying to join our server without a profile picture and is being kicked out automatically by the Bot. Please, provide one before joining the server.

  4. You'all are not seeing much of my activity in vectorplexus because im currently working on UAP development.

    Im keeping everyone updated with the changes until the public release, in our discord server, so you should join us as well and check it out whats going on!

  5. AlanaSP have finally uploaded a official fix for COATS framework in gunetwork forums.
    I have tested and it seems to work very well, here's the fix:


    And the folder with additional patches if you need any of them:


    This update will now make buttons work differently: press E for modify and SPACE to craft instead!

    1. Ulfberto


      its advised to load the COATS plugin in the very top of your load order if there's a plugin overriding the human race in your case


      the patches are more to have the layered armor system working so not a hard requirement imo, as long as you load the plugin on the top

  6. Im not updating anything, just testing the new VP theme so dont mind me lol...

    1. Ulfberto


      @Faun i didnt update any of the files today, i just fixed the mod descriptions to work properly on the new upcoming dynamic theme for vectorplexus

  7. I just started to support the C.O.A.T.S framework to make my refits craftable in Armor Workbench.

    If any of you have problems with the framework not working, please, let me know!

    1. Ulfberto


      If any of you is having problems with C.O.A.T.S please try these workaround and see if any of them work:

      1. try Renaming the Core46.BA2 to Core46 - Main.BA2 located in C.O.A.T.S' mod folder

      2.bring console up and use stopquest fo46_crafting_menu_quest then close the console and wait for 1 minute. Bring the console up again and use startquest fo46_crafting_menu_quest

      3.Extract the files from the BA2 archive to the mod folder (so youll get a scripts folder with the extracted scripts)

      Please, let me know if you manage to make it work with any of these methods. You can also try the method 2 after doing the method 3 in case you just needed the scripts to be extracted to be able to perform the start/stopquest console command

  8. Hey everyone!
    Just saying that we now have a bot in our Discord Server that will kick everyone who dont have an Avatar (profile picture) in your discord account. So provide one and you'll be able to join.

  9. Just found out that i wont last in skyrim lmao ?. So im preparing a big surprise for Fallout 4, stay tuned ?

    1. Poisoned


      I'm looking at it, it is HUGE hahaha
      i'm going to test them all. and welcome back


  10. @everyone Im really sorry it had come to this and i've done everything i could to not get to this point, but i'll stop giving support to BT because of personal reasons with the author. Since there will be no other male body to give official support to, i'm also not modding for Fallout 4 anymore and considering to go to Skyrim.
    With that in mind, i'll wipe all the content related to BT in both vectorplexus and nexus. But dont worry, i'll give you all 3 days to download everything you can.

    As for UAP, i'll try to continue supporting for who get any problems with it, but since my focus will be on skyrim, i wont be able to continue its development and maybe wont be able to keep it updated with the most new updates of other animation packs.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Dee Aeriel

      Dee Aeriel

      OH god nooooooo, I love your mods ?, dammit these damn stupid permissions nonsense.  Modding is suppose to be a fun experience where we share our work and others can give their ideas and create from others assets without any fuss.  I don't understand the modding community sometimes, it reminds me of sims modding community, very toxic indeed.  Thats one of the reasons why I haven't played sims in a long time.

    3. Ajablexipi


      Dammit !
      Was it you who had made the CROSS Bos Recon refit for BT2 ? I knew I had seen it somewhere ! Should have snatched it when it was still up !

    4. Ulfberto
  11. Guys!!! now created a discord server with the main purpose of sharing my stuff, but you are free to share yours too

    This is a Gay NSFW Server, mostly for fallout 4 and game modding. Read
    #Introduction and #Rules upon joining (link: https://discord.gg/v8u7YRR) discord.gg/v8u7YRR HF!

  12. This guy has been working on an awesome version of deathclaw since the last year. Give him some kudos guys! this kind of project needs to be encouraged: https://www.deviantart.com/disabledtheory/art/V3-Fallout-4-Super-Mutant-DeathClaw-Reloaded-797577939

  13. Vanilla refit for bodytalk reuploaded right here: https://www.nexusmods.com/Core/Libs/Common/Widgets/DownloadPopUp?id=163276&game_id=1151&source=FileExpander

    Just a note its a bit outdated (just a single slider that needs update) but better than nothing. The vanilla refit will eventually be updated tho.

  14. Guys! i'm not inactive. I've just been working on a AAF Creature patch for BT to be put on test (i gonna drop the files in my private club once i get a fomod for it).

    While i don't get the FOMOD for it, the next project is Absolutely Skimpy Attires by SavrenX

    Just a brief idea what i'm doing:

    I managed to increase the polycount for this one so i can make it fit the BT penis better, stay tuned for the full release!

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. InoOnew88


      Hehehe it looks sooo good Ulfberth! Thank you so much again! I really  can’t thank you enough.?

    3. Ulfberto


      Finally done with the plugin! And its huge, a lot of materials to choose from. Now running some final tests and preparing the screenshots for showoff in mod page

    4. Ulfberto


      @here Released!

  15. @here... All of my refits for Bodytalk in VectorPlexus have been updated to latest Bodytalk features!!! You can get them here: https://vectorplexus.com/profile/1036-ulfberth/?do=content&type=downloads_file&change_section=1

    1. Ulfberto


      With that i can finally bring some more new refits. Stay tuned y'all!

    2. InoOnew88


      Yeaaa i can't waiiittt! xD

  16. Now updating prostitute outfit to the latest bodytalk version. Still looking for better boots to use with... If you guys happen to find something better let me know 


    1. Show previous comments  25 more
    2. Ulfberto


      Vault suit done, One more to go...

    3. InoOnew88


      Wow! Thank you sooo much for updating them sooo fast Ulfberth! :)

    4. Ulfberto


      they were quite quick cus i've done the edits for even bigger presets on them already

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