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  1. Just checked... Even LE does this... I just installed CCF with SAM meshes active (the LE ones, SAM full version) and the skeletons wearing robes will be there. I found a quick place to check: near Witchmist grove, there is a nordic altar with some dead draugr around. In front of the altar is a dead mage (dead for some time since he's a skeleton now ). He'll be wearing black robes if you have CCF installed. And oh... look at that marvelous stretchy material!!! Companies can make a profit if they can invent and market such a stretchy material Doesn't crash the game in LE... so maybe the engine is more friendly to such issues back then... shrug... As for any other mods that add skeleton race to armorAA... sorry don't know of any else
  2. Thanks for this. Saved me a lot of time trying to convert meshes and tri files for my own use Just a heads up for some potential problems for those playing on SE using SAM Light. If you're using Weapons, armors, clothing and clutter fixes, it can potentially crash your game (quite consistently too). Took me a while to identify the cause with my load order, and I believe this is what's happening: Basically, WACCF gives skeletons the ability to put on robes, as in the robe models are displayed on skeleton NPCs. As soon as a skeleton dies, the bones are scattered everywhere stretching the robe model all over the place, which is what I think can crash some games (it definitely crashes mine). I guess very few people actually use custom male robe meshes except here, so I think this may be relevant to some people. It even stretches the vanilla meshes, but I guess the vanilla meshes handled the stretching better? Way I fixed this for myself: - Don't install the custom robe meshes. My game didn't crash, but I get to "enjoy" all the robe stretching. Easy but messy - Went into xEdit and removed all skeleton-related races from robe ArmorAA forms. Takes longer to do, but now I can use custom robes, and have nice, clean, naked skeletons!
  3. LittleOrca

    Download — SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    Awesome!!! Thanks Kou! A quick test looks like it works!!! No crashes so far...
  4. LittleOrca

    Download — SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    Does it work without the high poly meshes?
  5. LittleOrca

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    Are you using Obsidian weather with it? The recent enb's all look really nice with it, and most environments are better than LE imo. The one thing I missed though, is weather-based wet skin look that was available in LE enb setups.
  6. LittleOrca

    Download — SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    There do seem to have a lot of people posting issues with bodygen. It'd be lovely to have a version without that option until bodygen is fully fixed. How different is the SAM plugin implementation from XPMSSE's morphs? What I mean is, since XPMSSE's morphs saves and loads fine with BodyGen disabled in skee64.ini, would it be possible to copy that method of implementation? Thanks Kou! Hope the next update can go smoothly
  7. Try a step by step troubleshooting: Get the core SAM mods activated and sorted and test in a new game. These are SAM - core, SAM - textures, Racemenu, XPMSE, FNIS, Racemenu plugin, and the SAM textures. You should be able to run your game properly with the basics. If not, then there might be some corrupted files in there that you might want to reinstall or even re-download. Oh and check that you didn't mix up LE and SSE files. Add a few mods on at a time (frameworks first) to narrow down on which mods are crashing your game.
  8. LittleOrca

    Possible texture/Mesh issue?

    I'd first check whether there's any mesh/texture conflicts... Looking at it closely, it looks like the texture of the schlong doesn't match the rest of the body? That suggests to me that the SAM genital mesh and/or texture was overwritten by another mod... Probably SOS? The plugin list doesn't tell much about mesh/texture conflicts. Which mod manager are you using? It'll be easy to see with mod organizer. But if you're using NMM, then I'm not sure (You might've already overwritten some files). If you haven't had that problem before, then probably some time since, your mod order got mixed up.
  9. LittleOrca

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    After some time (read: a loooong time) of gathering and setting up mods. My Skyrim SSE is finally good to play Performance is definitely better than LE, so yay! (Though there's the problem of save games not saving SAM sliders to I have to redo them every time >.<) I like the colors: Fun: Relaxing: Thanks for the SAM mods by various authors... my character now looks good
  10. LittleOrca

    Download — SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    I have this installed in Skyrim SE with the latest version of Racemenu 0.2.7. Everything seems to be checking out: meshes fine, textures fine, morph on refit armors fine, racemenu sliders all working fine. Everything seems to be fine EXCEPT one slight problem. The SAM slider setting are not saved... Basically, every time I load a save, the SAM morph setting are discarded, and everything went back to default. Only with the SAM sliders though. XPMSSE morphs seem to be saving fine. I took a quick look into my game's save files and found that slider changes to XPMSSE are saved in an array while SAM morphs are not? Anyone else encountered this problem or know of a fix to this? Thanks
  11. If you want to use SAM for Skyrim SSE, I suggest you to get SAM light and the Racemenu plugin (SAM morphs for Racemenu), both by KouLeifoh. You'll also want the SAM light (or SAM SE) armor refits in order to have the morphs work for all the vanilla and DLC armor. The packs in the download section isn't complete though. I believe the DLC armor refits are lacking the body armor section. If you don't use SKSE, then just get SAM light, which doesn't have the morph options, so just mesh and texture replacements.
  12. LittleOrca

    SAM User Guide

    I believe SAM uses a custom mesh and custom textures that compliment each other. So it depends on the follower mod in question (mesh and texture should match or you can get some weird looking ppl). It sounds like your follower uses the base game's mesh with a retexture? Since SAM replaces vanilla body mesh, using a retexture not designed for SAM mesh could get your follower looking weird. Maybe look into the files of the mod and see if it comes with mesh files first?
  13. LittleOrca

    SAM Installation Guide

    Hmm... still sounds like a conflict to me. Have you tried doing it in Mod organizer?
  14. LittleOrca

    SAM Installation Guide

    @Muffinn It seems like a mesh issue to me. Although I cannot see much problems with your plugin list in NMM (I'm not as familiar with that as with MO), it only shows the esp/esm you installed and not what other mods you installed which may conflict or support SAM. Do you have HDT physics extensions installed? Which version of Racemenu did you use? @Snusmumriken157 I don't think the MCM menu for modular armor was finished. So right now, the only way to modify modular armor is through nifscope.
  15. If you followed STEP I guess you are using Mod Organizer? So expanding on what @Cyrus said: Click on the SAM vanilla refit mod. Open it up in Mod Organizer and look for the conflicts panel, and see if there anything overwriting the meshes.