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  1. On skimpy imperial guard armors, I am having cut off boots when used in conjunction with BD 3BBB Armors for females. Your other armors don't have any issues.

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    2. JDAnchor


      I'll have to get a screenshot but it seems it has something to do with bodyslide. I don't see your Skimpy Civil War armors include separate KSO Imperial & Stormcloak Boots bodyslide files so I think BD is taking control here. It literally cute the boots to ankle boots.

    3. kreiste


      yes, I only touch on the meshes themselves, no esp no nothing. 

      However, gap/missing limbs are due to how biped slots work and that needs to be altered with an esp. BD has an esp that probably alter the Armor slots for both female and male version. Since most (if not all) of his armors are designed to be very skin-showing, he probably ticked off/on the calves slot so that it doesn't get hidden (most boots in vanilla ticked off the calves slot so it hides the calves part of the body).

      Though I have to admit, I don't 100% understood biped slots yet but maybe this article can help you if you want to make the changes yourself to fix that. 



      Sorry I can't be much help ><

    4. JDAnchor


      I appreciate your help ;)

  2. You are just so incredible. I really appreciate the hard work you put into these and always get very excited when I see an update or new release from you. I particularly appreciate you making the bulges in the thongs bigger than before.
  3. I love your description for this. Hahaha. lmao
  4. Woohoo! Another well done release! Keep it up!
  5. Oh my Gosh! I can not wait for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I can't wait to see in game. Thanks for all of your hard work!
  7. Looks great! Looking forward to clothing and heavy armors
  8. Quite amazing. I hope to see more of this quality mod!
  9. I found out it was all NPCs but with only certain body weights. I reinstalled my SAM mods and it fixed it. Thanks for everything!
  10. I was messing around with bodyslide yesterday and was having too many issues with feet and hand gaps. I will work with it some more but was curious if you could help me get my player's body back to normal. Right now it shows my naked body much bigger than when I wear armor and I have wrist gaps when nude.
  11. Thank you for this! It's a bit of work but it's nice to have this resource!
  12. Thanks for all of your hard work on this! This is very helpful!
  13. Thanks for this. I hope you'll keep them coming. We need more non-penis showing but more skimpy refits for SE SAM High Poly Body.
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