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Status Updates posted by Pawper

  1. @deathbybadger One of my players gifted it to me overnight 😈

  2. @transalaskan "You absolute slice of pie!"

  3. RT @JoshWComeau: 🔥 You know that annoying thing when you're scrolled to an anchor and the site's sticky header covers it up?

    That's fixabl…

  4. @illucifer I still plan to play Odyssey more haha. I can't keep up 😆

  5. @MaryInTheStars @puizlaulo Young Seth Myers? https://t.co/T8eTawgcPD

  6. RT @nerdimmersion: Alright folks! With Tasha's Cauldron of Everything now officially released, it's time to do a giveaway! I've got 4 prize…

  7. RT @Home_Halfway: My student loans will never be forgiven. Not after what they've done.

  8. @KoboldUnderlord I feel like it's a huuuge red flag whenever someone mentions normalizing or assimilating folks

  9. @KoboldUnderlord Yuck. Heteronormativity is "normalizing" people according to hetero standards, e.g. you can't be w… https://t.co/fSXxjP6lZg

  10. @deathbybadger I used Gods of Faerun to intro my players to piety for their PC's gods. They're in Ravenloft so I ha… https://t.co/34utS8qH1z

  11. @TeamYouTube Hmm, at trying another playlist, it's working now, even on the playlist I was using before

  12. @TeamYouTube I don't want to log out of my Google account on my phone...

    I tried updated the app/restarting my phone

  13. @illucifer Honestly Instagram has the worst UI, worst UX of any app that I use.

  14. @TeamYouTube I'm on mobile and the repeat button is not working on playlists

  15. @RaidercastPod Yeah it's just my family being on the wrong side of history is all 😅 thanks!

  16. @RaidercastPod Thank you for this. Really needing to calm down and this helps.

  17. RT @Devon_OnEarth: Fed up with people saying "forgiving student debt would cost $1Trillion"
    No it wouldn't, its debt. It categorically does…

  18. @tgurantz That looks great! 🤤

  19. @illucifer Yup, 20.

  20. @DaniGatunes I've got 4 three.js courses on Udemy but none of them inspire me as much as your voxel webxr stuff doe… https://t.co/kVdfDJtGVa

  21. @DaniGatunes So cool... Have you considered creating instruction videos?

  22. RT @upekkha18: @staceyabrams https://t.co/FbZySP0EZU

  23. RT @staceyabrams: GEORGIA: The January 5 runoff elections for control of the U.S. Senate are fast approaching. Make your voice heard by req…

  24. RT @tgurantz: Georgia runoffs. Throw in that 💰 if you can!

  25. What can we do to help blue turnout in Georgia for the Senate runoff in January?

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