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  1. Xarek

    Recommended Mods?

    Blackthorn - a build your own city mod. I enjoy it a lot. It makes me feel special building up my own city in the Rift. It could use more to it like more managing options and stuff but its still a pleasant addition. Landlord - another fun mod that lets you invest in businesses, hire employees and train them, hire guards, and fight off bandits that try to disrupt your business. It could use more just like blackthorn could but its still a fun little addition to things. ApachiiSkyHair - Best hair period! There are three packs so make sure you get them all. The base pack and then the female extended pack and the male extended pack. You can find them all on the manual download list.
  2. Xarek

    Chat Room

    So I found the discord channel AFTER what I posted above.....ignore me!
  3. Xarek

    Problem with genitalia

    I had this issue when I was adding modes. I removed all my sam related modes COMPLETELY (deleted them from my mod organizer entirely) then reinstalled them in the order provided. It fixed the issue for me.
  4. Xarek

    I have a small idea ^^;

    You can adjust ball size indepently from dick size in the mcm sam menu. For hypersizes you want to use the genital sliders in the racmenu, not the genital slider in the MCM SAM menu. If you are in game you can bring up yge race menu by openning the console and typing showracemenu
  5. Xarek

    Chat Room

    Rather than paying for a license (if that is what you were considering) I would recommend just setting up a discord channel and linking it to your forum. It's free and easy and would provide a neat way for the community here to communicate. On a separate note: @Vector do you or have you ever considered live streaming your work over twitch or something? I bet you'd draw in an interested crowd.
  6. I had both issues. The extentions mentioned above solves the arm issue for me and downgrading racemenu to 3.2 fixed the vanishing npc issue for me.
  7. I might misunderstand what you are asking but it looks like he included instructions on how to do this in his FAQ section: "Q: I don't like the body! How do I change it?! A: Create this path in your data folder: meshes/bloodofolympus/actors/character/female(or male). Place the body meshes, hand meshes and feet meshes inside this path and it will overwrite the custom default body that the mod uses. For Texutres: textures/bloodofolympus/actors/character/female(or male)."
  8. Xarek

    S.A.M. with muscles normal maps

    Wow! It does look nice. Another fine example of orc master race!
  9. I think vector is working on a modular armor menu for SAM that would let you achieve what you are looking for. He is also in the middle of working out something for X-com though so not sure when it will happen. He did post a teaser of it though under the installation guide thread.
  10. Ack, dat modular teaser is torture! I want it now :0 It looks amazing though. It's going to be a must have once it's done.
  11. Did you ever get a reply on this? It sounds like it could be cool to play around with.
  12. Yea, I am still new to all this but hungry to learn. It is unfortunate that I discovered SAM though in a period where a lot of the resource links are dead ends. I am still excited to see where things go from here and really looking forward to things. In the short time i have been exposed to this community it has been fantastic and super helpful.
  13. I hope you get a response to this. I would love to see some refits for immersive armor for SAM