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  1. I don't know. I think you can sign up somehow and download them. I don't know though, sorry.
  2. Ok, thank you. I'll try resetting my game. I'll do it again and if I have problems, I'll tell you. Thank you! <3
  3. Yea, it is quite difficult. I haven't tried it yet since I'm not very good at modelling etc...
  4. I think there are. If you have modular armour, you can edit the original Skyrim armours with NifScope. I'm pretty sure, anyway :0
  5. Ok, I did that all. Now, my game won't load? It just will do that white smoke with no tips and no image, just smoke. So... I don't know?
  6. Nah. I don't know which one? LOOT? If so, I don't know how use it Also, is there any sex mods that anyone recommends. Oh, and I uninstalled SAM and reinstalled it again. Nothing.
  7. Ok, I tried installing the "SAM for Enderal-missing mesh fix", yet, it still didn't work. Even, it made it worse. It made the whole body but the head go completely glowing purple/blue. It happened on all male characters apart from my custom follower. I have no clue what happened, so I just uninstalled it. Anyway, still no luck on getting the penis out of the undies
  8. Yea, I use HTD physics extension. My racemenu version is: v3-4-5-29624-3-4-5 Thanks!
  9. I did that too. It came out the 12th and I got Skyrim on PC on the 14th. So, I don't think that would help...
  10. Hello. I recently installed the SAM body mod and I absolutely adore it. The detail is great and the work and mods that go with it are also crazy good. I have a problem though. As I am new to modding, I have no clue what is going wrong. My problem is that when I go into settings and click "Enable Schlong", the black underwear do NOT remove. They are permanently stuck to my body. I've tried uninstalling mods that may have conflicted, yet, still no change. If there is any solution to this, it would be great if someone could help me with it. Here are my current active mods:
  11. Uhmmm. Well, basically I load my game and It works fine. Well... not completely. The Scholngs don't work. I enable them but my person just wears underwear and that's it. Second, whenever I try to open RaceMenu, it crashes. I don't know if any mods are conflicting. I'm new to mods--
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