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    Super easy to port to LE - lots of options! (edit: removed previous comment due to this was posted in 2021 but I thought it was brand new)
  1. In the pictures they are thongs, but in my game they are underwear attached to the bodices. Did I make a mistake?
  2. I have posted pictures of other people's npcs in my game. There are a lot of good follower mods, so I think pictures of them are fair.
  3. Let us know if you find success. I too think some of the straight sites have better-looking penises than what I've found here.
  4. Basically the title. I made a racemenu overlay and the resulting tattoo doesn't take colors very well. I imagine I need to change saturation and hue in the original image, but altering it doesn't seem to do the trick. See examples the top tattoo is somebody else's and works correctly, the dragon is mine (original image from google and used as an example - but I have also tried it with images I've made from scratch) Suggestions welcome. ScreenShot221.bmp ScreenShot220.bmp
  5. It looks great in LE too (Here's a Google link to an LE version)
  6. Click this button on MO 1.3 with Skyrim LE
    Wonderful as always! Quality work! I use LE, so here is a link to LE (provided without support) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fiUKuknMYT2Ep76fLkoLXxF8K3nuNjPd/view?usp=sharing
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