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    Noon's Sims 4 Album

  2. wow its been 3 years since I posted here and the mod scene in the sims 4 has changed alot (pretty much play the sims 4 only because of the bodybuilder mod and whicked whims ) A DM from a user asked me to post more pictures gave me motivation to post more pics πŸ˜„ Let's start in Sulani, I made "The Island of Beautiful Men" (Inspired by a Johnny bravo episode 😁) where women (mostly married) from all sorts escape to the Island to get some fun and get laid πŸ˜‹ Most native Sulanian men I made are with an Exotic skin and green rainforest eyes. the Island is filled with Muscular Hairy Men pleasing your every needs 😚 (sorry for the straight content and the overly clipping and unproportion of muscles) Next in Sulani, ok this one's gonna weird y'all but family consisting of a single mom and son. Leily Ngata is in love and her son Tane Ngata (pretty much an oedipus complex πŸ€“) since the death of her husband, the son became muscular to protect the mother from the harm done to the father by evil doers. The mother is a Island Researcher and while she works he pretty much does nothing but work out and cooks food and when she comes home, they have sex every night. They eventually get married and yeah hapily forever more sex. πŸ˜‹ Tane Ngata hates clothes and never wears them from an early age.😚
  3. ^^ the thing is I think in the link the mod author said lazy to update the mod *sigh there is an update in the comment section but its just for the 1.5x fitness... I used the 5x fitness for those bodies and 5x fitness is what I want
  4. more pics.. please victor or khlas update that mod to the latest patch and the no muscular no fat mod also!
  5. i was wondering if anyone here can update the Expanded Physique Range (Heavy, Lean, Fit, Bony) http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=535780 to the latest game patch? i have the older version of the game and i never update to the latest because the x5 fitness won't work here are a couple of my pics with the x5 fitness slider
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