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  1. Sounds like a script issue or the papyrus engine falling flat on it's face again. Try posting on the Skyrim forum where more people will see your issue.
  2. Mine tends to pop up the moment I try to run something from MO once I've changed a mod that handles animation, even if I'm trying to run FNIS myself.
  3. It's looking great, thanks again for putting up a more detailed walkthrough. You might want to mention USLEEP higher up in the guide so people don't skip it. Also you can hook up LOOT (load order optimisation tool), Wyre Bash (for bashed patches) and the Dual Sheath Redux / Perkus Maximus (reproccers) to run from MO as well in case anyone's wondering.
  4. Righty, it should be "SAM Dragonbone Set.esp" without the underscore. It's a direct replacement for the one in the main download. My bad for not double checking everything after handing it over to Don.
  5. Thanks for the more detailed tutorial than my guide. My mind tends to click things quite quickly and I learnt how to use MO from gopher's videos. I'll be sure to link this in my guide once I've got some things sorted out. If you've still got the image files, can you use white text instead of green with the black background cos that'll make it easier to read. I've had a little trouble reading some of the smaller text cos it's quite dark.
  6. Just pop it in the data folder and let it overwrite the original esp.
  7. Aaaaa... that load order is gonna give me nightmares... >.>
  8. The meshes are in "Data\Meshes\Actors\vampirelord\character assets" for the meshes and not sure where the texture are if any. Best of luck getting it sorted.
  9. Might have to disable NPC scaling in SAM if it's enabled. Also I'd say give Crash Fixes a try (found here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/72725/? ) and enable the memory allocation patch and make sure your ENB settings are set right according to that page. I think it's an issue with Skyrim running out of memory from all the actors loading and that should reduce crashes in general by making Skyrim use standard windows memory allocation instead.
  10. Hrmm... you could try deleting the vampire lord meshes and textures and that might sort things out for you. Other than that not too sure but hopefully someone else can come to your rescue if that doesn't work.
  11. I think you need to add the physics nodes to the armour's mesh in Nifskope.
  12. Ohh... right vanilla intro. I forget people still sit through that (I once timed it at 5 mins because I was bored before i discovered Live Another Life but I digress). This should fix your intro bit with the cart: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/46703/? If it's still an issue on a new game try a new game without Skyrim Romance in case that's causing your dialogue issues. Mainly thinking it might be that cos it's a mod I haven't used before but you can always re-enable it afterwards.
  13. Hmm my first thought is do you have the voices turned up in your settings? Failing that does it happen on a new game or just that save? Unfortunately I've not heard of the issue before so I'm really not sure how to fix it but I hope this helps diagnose the problem at least.
  14. Hey and welcome to the forums. Hope you enjoy your stay. I'm noticing a few issues with your load order. The hopefully quick and easy fix is running LOOT to get most of the issues fixed. It doesn't fix everything all the time but it's a good start and usually all you need. https://loot.github.io/ If everyone's running around in undies instead of nude make sure schlongs are enabled in the MCM. That said... I think this would be a good load order for you. Dawnguard Hearthfites Dragonborn SexLab High-rez Texture Pack 01-03 USLEEP - Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch SkyUI RaceMenu RaceMenu Plugin Realistic Ragdolls & Force SAM - Shape Atlas For Men SAM - Dawnguard Patch FNIS Skyrim Romance RaceMenu Overlays XPMSE
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