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  1. Athildur

    A little texture problem

    Unless the armor is part of SAM or a SAM-addon, I don't think SAM is the problem. Purple tends to mean it can't find the proper texture for the armor, meaning it may have gone missing. If you know what mod that equipment piece is a part of, try reinstalling the mod (if it's a mod) or verifying your files for Skyrim (if it's from the base game).
  2. Athildur

    SAM Installation Guide

    Like Naurdor said, LOOT is a good idea (Loot Order Optimization Tool), it can be found here. It is a small tool that essentially checks a database of known mods and tells you whether there could be any conflicts, and it can be made to automatically reorganize your load order. I think it plugs into Nexus Mod Manager as well (but I use it separately and it works pretty well). Note: it may give 'errors' for certain files, because some mods aren't 'cleaned up' properly. Don't worry about that, the mods aren't broken, just a bit sloppily written or edited.
  3. Athildur

    Armor mods that work with SAM?

    Yeah, so it apparently picked me for being glitchy and I didn't want to just throw in old mods and risk breaking more things haha. I'm using racemenu 3.2.2, I'll see if I can get the older XPMSE and make everything work. The ashara armor looks pretty cool
  4. Athildur

    Armor mods that work with SAM?

    So for those mods, they require the HDT mod (and the XPSE), but that requires the latest RaceMenu/NetImmerseOverride, and *that* is incompatible with SAM for me (using the latest version causes all the male actors to go invisible). Have you used these mods with any success?
  5. Athildur

    Armor mods that work with SAM?

    Yeah I noticed the 'legacy skimpy' was doing that, was a little disappointed :(. Thanks a lot for the list, I'll check them out tonight
  6. I've decided to swap SOS for SAM to see if I like it more. The main file download page has some armor mods (vector's modulars, legacy skimpy), but are there any other good armor mods on the skimpier side that work with SAM? The two mods with it for dawnguard and dragonborn are just refits so I'd love to find something a little more showy. They don't necessarily need to be SAM specific, as long as they work with it. Edit: Hmm...I installed the mods that come with SAM (vanilla refit, then vector's modular armors, then legacy skimpy) and some armors look normal (like the basic imperial armors), but the stormcloak chestpiece and mage robes are just nonexistent (as in, they are invisible). Is that...normal? SAM has better tools for the body and all, but I'm missing my SOS armors
  7. Athildur

    Artwork and Hyper stuff!

    Well color me interested. I can always appreciate some fine art