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  1. You're so awesome! Thank you for your mods!!!
  2. Hi, I tried the setnpcweight 50 disable enable but I still have Neckseam. 😞
  3. already tried the mod with HP 1.3. Works well but the weird thing is his body. It's stuck on wounded form with scars and it has neck, feet and wrist seam.
  4. omg I'll look forward to it <3 tried deleting some stuffs in SSEdit and I failed. Im too noob for that kind of modding xD
  5. Question, is it safe to edit the file using SSEdit and make him less OP?
  6. After updating from v1.2 to v1.3 this happened. Nose pinched and pixelated lips. I dont know what to do. Help T_T
  7. I really love your armors! Thank you! You should upload body presets. They're awesome!! ❤️
  8. WOAH! What's your body textures? Those nipples were yummy af! ❤️
  9. Got it working now with the Render 4k chest hair textures. Thank you everyone for the reply and support! You guys are the best ❤️ My Dragonborn Falx Nightshade is extremely grateful! ❤️
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