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  1. your character is handsome ❤️ thanks for this! What hair mod is that?
  2. WOAH! What's your body textures? Those nipples were yummy af! ❤️
  3. Got it working now with the Render 4k chest hair textures. Thank you everyone for the reply and support! You guys are the best ❤️ My Dragonborn Falx Nightshade is extremely grateful! ❤️
  4. I know now what's causing the problem. The sam 4k chest hair mod. darn I really love that chest hair textures because it also adds armpit hair and detailed bumhole T_T
  5. Yes when he doesnt wear any gauntlet or gloves it looks like that. It only happens with characters that are too chub/buff
  6. Yup he send me a link thanks again guys. My problem now is with chub buff guys. They have hand gaps T_T
  7. Anyone with a good heart who can convert this lovely mod? I want to use this on SE but I dont know how to convert and make it work with SAM Light body sliders 😢 Thank you in Advance!! ❤️ https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/80618?tab=posts
  8. I actually rolled back my Kaidan to be able to properly use this one ❤️
  9. They're really nice and thank you for your efforts! If you have time can you release one with thongs so that the peen were not fully exposed ❤️
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