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  1. i've the same issues BUT with FEMALE characters only (males work perfect). all (dead OR 'live') women have such weird breasts' parts (no matter if nude or dressed). installing fusiongirl did not solved the problem. you say installing zex properly but how should install AND load look like?
  2. finally i solved the problem with cbp stuff. i HAD TO install fg 3bbb (installed after AM (this mod)). i also activated cbp (old). idk if its solved because of fg 3bbb or cbp (old) but it works now. by the way, fg 3bbb is the ONLY ONE mod that is for females only on my install list (related to gender-specific mods). 989 installed mods (712 are ACTIVATED) and 484 activated plugins. evb/bt3 are NOT activated: here are 4 screenshots (taken after solving the problem):
  3. I do not know why I get crashes with CBP.dll log in Buffout 4. If you say so, I will use MTM only then see what happens. By the way, the boys still do not have 'moving' chests/butts. I had no problem last year but since months I can not solve this problem - no matter what I do. To EVB and BT3: I activate one and or both when I get weird clothing when actors wear. Example: Sturges has ALWAYS from first meeting him XXL fat body and he looks like he ate way too much fat!!! When I give him GS Outfits for Beefy Male (with your Refit), or SavrenX Cowboy Lux, he has same XXL fat body. Then I tried it with activated BT3 (your mod is ALWAYS active and the 'winner' in installation and plugins load order), Sturges got not too fat body but still way too much fat. When I give him and let him wear other clothes he get normal body. Same happens to Preston too.
  4. I can not use this mod, no matter what I did. Somehow I am doing something wrong and can not use it in-game. The COATS stuff in-game requires a perk that is NOT in Perks window (in Pip-Boy) and I do not know how to get that perk or add it. Any ideas?
  5. I have a question: I used Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR), Armorsmith Extended (AE), VIS-G Item Sorting (VISG), LOST AWKCR AE Patches mods. But I had to install ENDLESS patches because AWKCR, VISG, AE patches so that I had almost installed 1000 mods and 700 plugins!!! So, I decided not to use them. But THIS mod requires AWKCR so I can not use it anymore. I just want to know HOW can I use this mod anyway? Is there a NO AWKCR AE mod? There for other mods such Patches that do not require AWKCR, AE, VISG. I searched for such patch for Tough Traveller (ORIGINAL OLD mod for males) but can not find.
  6. Sorry, that I act still not got it HOW TO... you mean your preset just the CBP (old) and not other ones (ocbp, ocbpc, mtm)? (I am NOT doing so if I would not understand to go on your nerves...I really do not get it to understand which one to use and which one is better). I said it, when I use only CBP, I get crashes. By he way, is my installation order correct? PLugins are loaded in that same installation order. To EVB and BT3: I keep both mods on the list because some mods require them. So, I test those mods with EVB/BT3. But your AM is always the winner in the installation and plugins load order (AM mods and plugins come AFTER EVB/BT3).
  7. The problem is... I do NOT know which one! Like I said I am totally confused with all the CBP... stuff. ATM my install order is: [other mods] Bodyslide and Outfit Studio AAF EVB (Male Nude Cut) (installed but NOT activated) CBP Physics (main2 file) OCBPC Physics (main2 file) OCBPC (main2 file) ZeX (no plugin and .esp files) ZCBPC OCBP Configs MTM (optional1 file followed by: BT3 (installed but NOT activated) VictorialLine, NPC MaleBodies, Ulf's SkinOverlay AtomicMuscle [other mods] [AAF Themes (from LL site)] (without creature/mutant/animal/ghoul supports) [AAF animation mods] (no creature/mutant/animal/ghoul mods) [other mods] UAP (without creature/mutant/animal/ghoul support) ...
  8. (Sorry, but I really do not still get it to understand). What should be the installation order then? Without CBP? If YES, how? OCBP only? Or (Z)OCBP > CBPC? Then MTM last? Like I said, CBP makes crashes when I install (activate) it.
  9. Greeting my friend @ Ulfberto. It means I did a mess - AGAIN! Oh boy, all those CBP stuff (from same author). It's really a mess with many such mods with almost same content. What is the difference with MTM? Is it special mod? How about ZCBP? Does your mod require CBP (old) or OCBP/OCBPC? I mean the content with your mod 'Jiggling'? By the way, I got crash and when I looked in Buffout 4 log, it was CBP.DLL (after I installed CBP (old). So, I deleted it. No crash with CBP anymore - I hope.
  10. My male characters have no jiggling of chests'n'butts'n'genitalia. I am doing some-thing wrong with CBP stuff. CBP, OCBP, OCBPC, ZCBP OCBP, MTM 3BB and ZeX and plugin (in this install order BEFORE male bodies texture mods like VictoriamLine, NPC MaleBodies, UlfSkin, AM). I did not checked in AM jiggling options but it worked earlier but since weeks it does not work anymore. When I check AM jiggling males jiggling all the time.
  11. I can also get this mod not to work. I installed from Nexus site (it's there again). But I can't build it in Workshop Mode. It's there but I can not. It requires skills or some-ting but I can't find that when I click on "T" to share points for it.
  12. This thread is my interest for males. I am currently installing, if possible, males only mods. I mean by that no 'refits' from both genders-made mods - for boys only mods. Mods like for bodies, presets, hairs, MALE beauties, clothing, armors, gameplay effects, poses, animations etc. And I have found many mods and I try to avoid any CBBE based or female based or mods for for both genders. I must there there are NOT many such mods but: who searches who finds some! Such mods made by SavrenX are for us males. To my surprise, there are female mod authors who also make such mods for men, like Friffy. And there are also MALE authors who make either for both genders or females only with no or very less support for males. At the moment I have 544 installed mods with 494 active plugins. Of course, they are not only such mods. I install non-genders related mods also like landscapes, buildings, vehicles etc. I would never play the game with just characters related mods without beautiful landscapes, building mods.
  13. I am NOT using Tough Traveller V2. I use the ORIGINAL that was made for males and it works fine with Ulf's Refit. V2 is updated (newer) version for both genders.
  14. Greetings, dear @DrE2. First I meant LEON S. Kennedy (not Sean S. Kennedy). I didn't know that there are other nude male mods for RE2 Remake. I saw, LIKE ALWAYS, nude mods for female characters. I have to play RE2 again soon. No matter if Danse looks like Chris or not, I like them all! Yeah, I wish I had a masculine boyfriend with me who protects me . 'Till I'll meet him I must enjoy virtual BFs! So, like I said before, that I'll ad pictures with Danse's look, I must first solve the problems with mods that are made for boys only or that support male characters. I mean body textures, clothing, accessories, AAF stuff etc. I am looking since weeks on NM, LL and here for such mods and installing them. For now I got MANY mods that are mostly made for males or males only. By the way, I think we both have same thoughts, feelings and love for boys (no matter if virtual or REAL dudes)...
  15. I found today on Nexus Tough Traveller Outfit (TTO). ORIGINAL - made for men only. Installed then installed this refit. I will NOT install newer version of TTO. I need such mods for males only. I like to see FO4 boys wearing masculine/soldier outfits.
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