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  1. Awesome. 😄 Thanks! That worked just fine.
  2. Ah! I don't know how I missed that. 😵I've been going crazy. Thanks! I'll give that a try instead. Edit: Yay! It works! Now I can move on to working on character design and figuring what other mods I want to play with. Thank you! 😄
  3. I feel bad that all my posts are "I can't figure this out" posts but... yeah. I saw there was a chat box for a Discord server and thought I'd check it out, but every time I try to log into it, it times out after I hit the "authorize" button. Am I doing something wrong? Is the Discord server even active (and, therefore, should I even bother)?
  4. I can't, for the life of me, figure this out. It sounds simple enough - just replace the SchlongsOfSkyrim.dll file in Sam Light folder with the the file from the Schlongs of Skyrim folder - yet that doesn't seem to work. It still tells me the dll is out of date and there's still undies on my character and no schlongs loaded in the SOS MCM. My SKSE is a version higher than listed for the SOS mod, but that shouldn't matter because SOS was working just fine with it before I decided to start fresh so that I could try out the SAM body. If I can't get this mod to work... do I need this? Is this the only way to get SOS and SAM to work together? (So many mods on LL are dependent on SOS.)😞
  5. I'm wanting to try out the SAM body for the first time and am wondering if people here think it would be better for me to do so with Skyrim SE or Skyrim LE? I've been playing SE for the past several years (off and on), but have never been able to achieve the male body type I want with it. I've been using SOS and the closest I've been able to get to what I'd like is by also using the Femboy racemod which allows me to use female facial presets, but... it has many limitations and doesn't allow for really any masculinity beyond having the appropriate genitalia. I want to be able to play an adorable, somewhat feminine but still obviously male twink while surrounded by larger and very masculine warriors. Can't imagine that's too uncommon a desire. So... for moving to the SAM body type and having a good range of helpful mods for what I'm wanting, would I be better off moving back to LE or sticking with SE? Thanks so much for advice on this and anything else you think I might need to know!
  6. Safyre


    He's fantastic! Masculine enough that I'd want to date him, cute enough that I'd want to be him. And who doesn't love a dark, maybe dangerous vibe? I'd love it if I could get my Skyrim characters to look anywhere near this good - some real envy going on here. Excellent job, man.
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