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  1. I mean OSA-OSEX works- sort of. Though I think it'll clip if they're too muscular or too samuel: And A Skyrim Kiss seems okay... depending on the angle, and you could adjust the scale but it'll look weird sometimes. Not that experienced in the sexlab mods though, except for the m2m animations. Oh and that gangbang mod I used to have.
  2. Is the Guardian of the witchwood armor (SAM) still available?
  3. Hi, how do you cut mesh properly? I tried it on the refit you did for BB crowfeather outfit from the Bloodborne Pack to skimpify it but things just got wrong ingame. It stretches to that one point on the ground. And this is what happened after I cut the mesh in OS when I looked at it in nifskope. But it seemed okay in OS. I even did the boots too and removed the pants attached to it and it worked well but I just can't get the armor to work properly. Your original refit works fine though, love it, so I figured you'd know what I'm missing. Sorry I'm a bit of a noob at this. EDIT; For Reference: BB_CR_Armor_1.nif BB_CR_Armor_0.nif Update: So I managed to get it to work... sort of. It's not the best solution, more like a band aid solution until I could get the hang SAM and OS and Nifskope but it still works and I don't wanna mess it up anymore. I just copied the body from the modified mesh to the original one and used that instead... I don't think the SAM sliders work on the outfit anymore though since he isn't as muscular as before even though I amped up the samson slider to a hundred this time. But if I put it again in Outfit Studio it might mess up the cloak again so... yeah.
  4. Is it possible to... make a custom power armor model or mesh for that? Nothing too drastic or cartoonish like the from show but maybe with just a prominent shoulder width and trimmer waist. It would really define the "power" in that armor for sure. At least for me. Couldn't enter an image URL here so uploading an image will do. Image got from here: https://teentitans.fandom.com/wiki/Adonis
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