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  1. Just me and my followers taking a nice cool dip in an oasis.
  2. Sabersexy

    Inside Castle Volkahir

    It's a combination of BB Bloodycrow from the Bloodborne Set, FurArmorSet for the fur cloak, Telvanni Spellsword Armor as the base outfit, Resplendent Armor for the skirt, and Falkreath Crown from Immersive Armors. It's not exactly uh one armor tho lol, he's got like, a lot that's equipped from different mods.
  3. Correct, that is Kreiste's Soul Elemental Armor among other parts from other armor sets. One of which he's wearing is the necklace and bracelets from Don's Desert Dancer Sam Refit. Then the translucent pink veil is from the Mai Shiranui CBBE Armor- just the veil refitted for SAM Lite and recolored to hot pink. The flowery veil is from the Mingybinsin Armor- stripped of everything except the veils.
  4. Just dropping him here, probably the only one of my boys who wears something skimpy.
  5. Sabersexy


    Sorry, just realized there was a comment in the pics, site didn't notify me. Anyway, yeah it is.
  6. Do you have SOS plus the SAM Lite Patch of it here? Mine works with it I think though I don't know if it really requires that(SOS) for sexlab. But to be sure, I still got it. Don't exactly have a more close up shot but pretty sure the dick is inside the ass in my pic.
  7. I'm thankful actually that I have never once got a homophobic comment or message. Usually the message would be about how did I get my characters buff and I would direct them here. Mostly girls were the majority of commenters on the screenshots I post there. There was an Male on Male kissing and wedding screenshots I posted on nexus a few months back but thankfully didn't get any hate, it was also the ones that didn't get a lot of endorsements lol. I just shrug at it anyway.
  8. Yeah, he's a nord and not HothNord like the original mod, and the msn file I had for him was from Savrenx muscular ones. Which is also what i have overwriting the body for the sam light texture add on so everyone has it. But I'm obviously doing something wrong since everything isn't right. I'll start over in case I did miss anything.
  9. So this time I tried removing the complexion but I still have the same problem, only this time he looks like a baby. Which was weird to see. I think it's the body texture here that's well... wrong, I just realized his hand texture don't fit too. And I remember he didn't have the Armor Addons hands, so it's definitely the body that's mismatched. Sure, I could add it in CK or XEdit but honestly I'm getting too worked up over this lol. I might just as well try just making his tattoo and wounds into a racemenu bodypaint overlay, then not have him use custom body textures and just plug those tats in Sam Racemenu Morphs and boom, Hoth. Just gotta have to learn it first though. I think that would be "easier". Sure it might take away his sort of uniqueness, but I'd go for that. I'll try turning the tattoo with wounds into an overlay. And see what happens. EDIT: Is it possible to have custom bodypaints on NPC via CK? Like say I use the tattoos as bodypaint when creating him in Racemenu, then I import his head to CK. Would the bodypaint get imported too?
  10. WAIT.... Does face complexion affect even the neck?? I found that in my replacer on his head texture. I didn't realize I used a face complexion on him. I'll try to remove it and update his face and see if that works once and for all.
  11. No, he only came with a body that I replaced with the Sam Light one then took the tattoo and the wounds to that. As for his head, I didn't any textures though other than what I normally used in Racemenu like all my other characters. He has eyes on his bsa though but it doesn't work with the Nord Race, actually his default face doesn't work with the Nord Race at all so I changed that completely and made him an actual Nord with a new head from racemenu. EDIT: I'll double check in SSEdit and creation kit though just in case. EDIT Again: Okay, scratch that, he does have a head part and.... does complexion count as a face texture that you mentioned?
  12. Honestly don't know how to word this title but I was kind of asking this one specifically for Hoth, I managed to do the things to make him work for SAM Lite, namely his race and textures and armor refits so on, even separated his cloak to a new armor piece with the SMP one from Artesan Cloaks. So my question is about the SAM Light Texture Addon and well, I kind of used the wrong texture on him, using the original SAM Lite Texture (not the one in the SAM Lite Texture Addon) so now he has neckseam error, or at least a texture mismatch. I mean it's not that noticeable... But I do notice It I guess in certain angles and on exteriors. And yes, I already did set his weight through command. I use one of SavrenX's face texture for everyone and it works okay. I guess what I'm really asking is, this: If I transfer this tattoo and wounds from my modified SamLite Hoth body texture: To this Sam Light Add on Texture: Do I have to change the wounds and tattoo to... this color if I placed them to this body texture? Am I the only one seeing this though? The blueish skin? Is it normal? I mean everything works perfectly well for all my men so I'm guessing nothing's wrong except for Hoth.
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