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  1. The SAM settings only get applied when an NPC is first loaded into your game. So a simple solution would be to either use Alternate Start to start in a cell with no NPCs and change the settings there before leaving the cell; or, if you're installing SAM into an existing game, to install it when you're alone in an interior cell and change the settings before meeting anyone.
  2. Melesse

    SAM Installation Guide

    I'm sorry, but as of now, the only thing you can do is either do it yourself or wait for someone to do those refits again. It's only a couple of clothing sets, though, afaik, and it's really easy to ignore. I mean, I didn't even notice the gaps until you posted about them.
  3. It's funny how the exact same topic popped up on the skyrimmods subreddit around the same time. They have pretty much the same opinion, btw: Edit: Also
  4. Melesse

    SAM Installation Guide

    Use this: Even with this, two of Enderal's 4 races will not work with SAM (I don't remember the names, sorry). It should be easy enough to find out which ones do work, though. Oh, and none of the armor is SAM-compatible, of course.
  5. Melesse

    SAM User Guide

    No; adapting armors to the SAM body is much more difficult. The tools required are in the downloads section, along with a guide:
  6. Melesse

    SAM User Guide

    Not as far as I am aware, but it is rather simple: Get Nifskope Find the mesh you want to modify in the mod's meshes folder There will be a _0.nif and a _1.nif. Repeat the steps below in the same order for both files open the nif with nifskope click on the part you want to remove in the display pane. This will select the part in the tree in the left pane. It should be labelled appropriately. right-click on the selected part in the left pane, select Branch and Remove Branch. This will delete that part from the mesh Repeat for all parts you want to remove, and save the file.
  7. Melesse

    SAM User Guide

    The menu shown in the video has not been released. Currently, to modify the modular armor and remove parts, you have to edit the nif files manually.
  8. Melesse

    Build Recommendation

    Do you have XPMSE installed?
  9. Try moving USLEEP above the refits.
  10. Melesse

    SAM Installation Guide

    Looks like something overwrote your malebody meshes. Try reinstalling SAM core.
  11. Melesse

    ugh. ctd on load.

    Troubleshooting tips here. If they don't help, you should go ahead and post your modlist there or here, someone might be able to spot something.
  12. Melesse

    [SOS] or [SAM] 3MW Texture Pack

    Yes, those textures are Hymnaru's. He hasn't posted them here, because of some reasons:
  13. Melesse

    MOD Organizer

    The nexus turned off their old login service on Tuesday. You can read more about it here. Since MO was using this service for logging you in, it is now no longer able to do so. Your choices now are either to upgrade to MO2, which is still being actively updated and should be compatible with nexus's new login, or to download any mods you want manually and install them through MO's Install from File function. MO2 is much, much more stable now than it was in the past, it works for LE, and you can import mods and profiles from MO, so I don't see a reason why you shouldn't go with that.
  14. Melesse

    Skimpy Mage Robes

    Hey, you put these in meshes/ and textures/ instead of meshes/clothes/ and textures/clothes. I love all of these mods so much, btw. Once you're done with everything you're working on now, might i request one for the guard/stormcloak armor?
  15. Melesse

    SAM for SSE perhaps soon?

    Meanwhile, SOS for SE is out of alpha, you should try it out.