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  1. Melesse

    [SOS] or [SAM] 3MW Texture Pack

    Compiled and uploaded all 18 of those archives into a FOMOD installer here:
  2. Are you using the blacksmith's apron, or similar clothing? If so, this should help:
  3. You can change racial heights by editing the Race record in an esp. Disparity does it for LE, but I don't think it's been ported to SE yet.
  4. If you're on LE, the full SAM does literally all of that. If you're on SE, you can use SAM Morphs for RaceMenu from the downloads section and then make BodyGen templates to try and achieve some of it.
  5. Melesse

    SAM Installation Guide

    Try the troubleshooting steps here.
  6. I'm not aware of any incompatibility between CrashFixes and morphs. I use UseOSAllocators=1 in LE with no issues. LE meshes with HDT cause CTD in SE, of course, but I doubt you used HDT for these, so that's probably not the issue. I don't play SE enough to be aware of any other CTD causes, unfortunately. (Just to be clear, I have not tested your mod in SE.)
  7. It might not be an incompatibility with Racemenu in that case. That shouldn't have caused a CTD anyway. The problem is probably something else.
  8. @y_sengaku You can probably make them compatible with newer versions of Racemenu by updating the .tri file using the procedure laid out in this comment.
  9. Melesse

    Gladiator Armor Concept

    I took a look, btw. If you don't want to cheat, you can craft the armor at a forge with the Dwarven Smithing perk, or you can find a version with unique enchantments in a chest inside Japhet's Folly Towers.
  10. Melesse

    Gladiator Armor Concept

    It's a standalone armor, doesn't replace anything. If you're having trouble finding it, use AddItemMenu to get it.
  11. Melesse

    Custom Race

    The Race records will be under the Character heading once you have set the mod as the active esp in the CK. Edit the record corresponding to the custom race, right click in the rightmost pane, select 'New' to add a new keyword, and name it according to which vanilla race you want the custom race to look like - ActorProxyNord for nords, for example.
  12. Melesse

    Looking for thongs?

    @sh1ny I think something must have gone wrong when you edited the post.
  13. Melesse

    Looking for thongs?

    It works for me, can you try again or detail the problem?
  14. Melesse

    SAM User Guide

    Provided the custom race looks like a vanilla race, all you have to do is add a keyword named, for example, ActorProxyNord to the race record (substitute Nord with whatever vanilla race you want).
  15. Melesse

    Looking for thongs?

    The Barbarian Loincloths file available here includes thongs, iirc: