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  1. Aquilles69

    Darksouls Armor Pack

    I'm only using the minor parts, main part disables HDT kirax, the mod worked 100% and the body hair bug didn't even bother me, I love your work.
  2. Aquilles69

    Darksouls Armor Pack

    great mod i will use in my adventure has the famous bug hair, but if you quickly retrofit in less than 1 sec the bug does not occur
  3. Aquilles69

    August Armor Pack

    body hair bug
  4. Aquilles69

    August Armor Pack

    very nice. HDT?
  5. Aquilles69

    Summer Hairpack Vol.1

    LE? HDT?
  6. Aquilles69

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    o site do sam tem poucos followers, infelizmente eu não sei criar.. mas o pessoal que gosta poderiam disponibilizar novos followers
  7. Aquilles69

    BDOR Gotha Rensa

    hdt incompatible
  8. Aquilles69

    BDOR Gotha Rensa

    SE or LE?
  9. Aquilles69

    Hymnaru's Dungeon Guards Inspired Armor

    gostei muito do mod, mais um pra minha aventura
  10. Aquilles69

    Inner Collection

    unfortunately not matched in argonian, but still hoping to fix this one bug friend, but apart from that the mod is note 10 .. thank you heartily
  11. Aquilles69

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    adorei os companions queria poder saber criar
  12. I really wanted someone to teach me how to wear and make new clothes, I would be very happy, at the moment I am not able to afford clothes.
  13. Aquilles69

    Inner Collection

    SAM + Texture HD + 3MW Texture Pack + HDT
  14. Aquilles69

    K9 Armor from vindictus for SAM

    very nice suggestion for mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/70975