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    Beautiful work. Easily one of my favorites, especially since we don't have enough light outfits that go up to the thigh. Too bad there're rigging issues with the straps and you simply decided to remove em. I think they're my favorite part. Looks so goth. I mixed and matched with Oblivion thong, Prince Of The Woods, and fur for now for the pic. I love mixing outfits lol. Also, I kinda had to make the face of this character specifically to fit the blindfold, as the nose kinda clips, but the result is a cutie so I'm not complaining. Elves seem to be a hard NO with the blindfold though unless you have long bangs. Dat brow. So I rolled a Breton.
  1. An elf came to Skyrim, and swam there he said. His jesters of parents had named Rinvar The Red. He traveled this way not to lose his fair head, but to instead find hot boys he can bed.
  2. OMFG these are amazing. ♥ I've never been torn between joining two factions this bad.
  3. Fine face textures should've stopped your character from looking old. I use it, with a lot of sculpting and bone scaling in racemenu, apachii hair on Nexus, and Ixum's Tattoos off Lovers Lab for makeup. Apparently you can just plop Ixum's Tattoos right into SSE without converting it and it loads just fine.
  4. Are you using Legendary or Special Edition? Are you using the unofficial patch on Nexus? What mods are you using? Do any of these mods alter races?
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