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  1. BuffShark

    Brutish Argonian Male

    The mod looks pretty good overall, the only problem i noticed is that the haircut/horns reset to no hair/horn once you die or load a save file. but except that the mod is perfect
  2. BuffShark

    No bulky npcs

    Oh welp, it worked soudainly again, except the guards of skyrim vanilla, i just start the Dragonborn dlc in Morrowing, and there everyone is beefy, perfect :>
  3. BuffShark

    No bulky npcs

    Welp i tried what you told me, and yes it's normal skyrim, i even tried to use the mods by Mod Organizer but nothing works, i feel like SAM itself doesn't work, or atleast some of it option, like the werewolf settings doesnt respond, i can't restaure or put by default certain things, even after i tried to re install it several times, but it's alright, i'll just have to pass for beefy npc ^^' thanks for trying tho
  4. BuffShark

    No bulky npcs

    Thank you for the welcome, well normally everything is set in the options in game, i tried to reinstall SAM, but it still doesnt change anything, there is the SAM mods i have installed, so maybe it comes from one of them, i don't know
  5. Hello, I reinstalled sam after a while, i installed it as the same way i did back then, and now, all the male npc's doesnt take in count the options i gave to them, they just stay in underwear but wihout the added mass. i try to change it or even change the hairy options, and there still no changes. Any suggestion on what to do?