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  1. Hello, I am trying to edit the meshes and texture mappings of Lykaios males SAM support, i changed the feet mesh and now there is a seam between them and the body. What do i need to edit in order to fix this?
  2. naama123

    Lykaios males SAM support 1.2

    is it fine if i try to remap your textures? I might be able to touch up the race
  3. naama123

    SAM - Vanilla Armor

  4. naama123

    SAM Installation Guide

    when i use generic clothes and miner's clothes, my neck becomes seperated from my body. help?
  5. naama123

    SAM - Vanilla Armor

    this is my issue, the nude body is fine, but there is a neck gap for the clothes
  6. naama123

    SAM - Vanilla Armor

    i might have a older refit, could u link me to the newest version?
  7. can you make a SAM refit for the generic clothing in skyrim? like miner's clothing, and the different clothing variations?


  8. naama123

    SAM - Vanilla Armor

    is this mod still active? I don't see any refits that change Miner's clothes or the other generic clothing items. this is causing a neck gap