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  1. Would it possible for you or someone else to add more morphs to the body
  2. simple, what was causing the blackness was that the meshes for sam vs sos are different, therefore they have different shapes, the textures were laid out for sos, all i had to was overlay the sam skeleton outline and from there i just clonestamped the existing texture to fit the outline. The only real issue i'm having is with the feet. The Texture is so completely different that it would almost be impossible to remap without either A: erasing and restarting the foot texture, or B: completely redo the foot mesh to fit the texture.
  3. I got pretty far on the new texture mapping. the thighs are much better now, they have a very obvious seam but this is still infinitely better than the black streaks in between
  4. Hello, I am trying to edit the meshes and texture mappings of Lykaios males SAM support, i changed the feet mesh and now there is a seam between them and the body. What do i need to edit in order to fix this?
  5. is it fine if i try to remap your textures? I might be able to touch up the race
  6. when i use generic clothes and miner's clothes, my neck becomes seperated from my body. help?
  7. this is my issue, the nude body is fine, but there is a neck gap for the clothes
  8. i might have a older refit, could u link me to the newest version?
  9. can you make a SAM refit for the generic clothing in skyrim? like miner's clothing, and the different clothing variations?


  10. is this mod still active? I don't see any refits that change Miner's clothes or the other generic clothing items. this is causing a neck gap
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