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  1. why not just get SAM light which works for Skyrim SE and some of the other mods on this site and make a nice male character now though? ^^"
  2. akalor


    From the album: Riu (My Character)

  3. akalor


    From the album: Riu (My Character)

  4. akalor


    From the album: Riu (My Character)

  5. i meant like in the texture file (normalmap) not ingame if you change stuff in racemenu? theres some sliders that you shouldnt touch.. like "complexion" and i think some SAM Texture set stuff or whatever it was called
  6. No problem ^^ Evil twink characters are the best ;3 Feel free to send me a PM of your char if u use it haha Thx uwu I have tons of em in my gallery haha though I dont even use pose-mods right now anymore haha just "tfc 1" console command to get a bit more definition instead of just smooth twink I masked out the neck area to prevent a seam and used the normal map for the body from https://vectorplexus.com/files/file/152-sam-light-texture-add-on/ loincloth https://vectorplexus.com/files/file/43-forsworn-loincloth-refit-for-sam/ the neck scarf is part of the body armor i linked earlier the "adventurer/fledgling armor" just recolored black, same as the loincloth haha
  7. No problem ^w^ maybe its the tattoos n stuff and I gave mine more muscles definition than default bochu I love evil/edgy characters ;3
  8. akalor

    Riu (My Character)

    I dont really know how, sorry haha but thx!
  9. akalor


    From the album: Riu (My Character)

  10. nice nice looking good there~ and younger than my char haha uuuhm on the pic? several armors combined/ a lil mashup haha Spaulders (Shoulder piece) from https://vectorplexus.com/files/file/46-geralt-ursine-armor-for-sam/ Body https://vectorplexus.com/files/file/454-kreis-skimpy-attires-adventurer-fledgling-armor/ with added loincloth from another mod here haha Boots same as my follower, just a bit shortened and bandages for the hands called "PSBandages" look around on the downloads section here for SAM fitted armor, theres some neat stuff here and there ^^ my follower uses the nice armor Don refitted here: https://vectorplexus.com/files/file/466-bdo-crowned-eagle-special-edition-sam/
  11. oh god uuuuuuh try checking if everythings set to default? dunno... (and you probably already did but make sure you are on a bochu race char with 0 weight before loading the preset lol)
  12. at least something ^^ mmmh is the body pink maybe? if it is then load the "clean" preset
  13. i know theres no .nif thats what i meant with it crashes if i export the head well i included the crashed .nif now... dunno.. its weird the preset doesnt even show up ingame though O.o u clicked on "Load Preset" right? haha if this one doesnt work then i dunno, sry D; Preset2.rar
  14. akalor


    From the album: Riu (My Character)

  15. akalor


    From the album: Riu (My Character)

  16. akalor


    From the album: Riu (My Character)

  17. dunno if it'll work/help but here's my racemenu preset of my char.. you'll need bochu for sam... i tried just exporting the head but it crashed my game LOL so dunno.. you can try it Preset.rar
  18. This site makes adventuring more... pleasing haha.. compared to my first skyrim playthrough back in the day its like night and day
  19. akalor


    From the album: Riu (My Character)

  20. akalor


    From the album: Riu (My Character)

    Thank you so much wow! You actually ported it to SE and made it compatible with SAM, i love you haha now i can play my twink in skyrim SE ;3
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