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  1. Would it be rulebraking if you upload some of the content here? I mean if no one of the original authors is around who should complain...after all maybe they dont care
  2. I'm having issues in general with the texture won't stay while switching clothing.
  3. Finally it works...but when puting on clothing/armor the texture swith to normal gain
  4. Yeah, would like to haf some undies as well. But Thank you so much, for the work. It looks amazing
  5. Dam, now I think I broke my game. Everytime I unequip my charakter I have CTD. Seem to have ovewritten a texture EDIT: Found it.
  6. Woop...thought I made it. Strange. Well, thank you so much. 😘
  7. I did as in the description But with NMM. This is how my folder looks like. Sorry, but I seem to be too stupid
  8. Hi there, I tried to figreu out why my SAM (SE) textures are missing. I thought I installed everything needed...but I wouldn't swear on it. So I played a long time with the same skin. Any suggestions what I did wrong?😅 Best regards.
  9. Thank you so much! Until now I like all of your characters
  10. Hi there...we're do I get these armors/clothing? Thought I have everything from this site. By the way. You (all) seem to have a lot of cool armors for SAM. Dou you have a list somerwhere? best regards
  11. Abubakur


    Do I need to get an extra mods for getting them nude? Saw a video with real physic dong animation...
  12. Which armor mod is that? And what skin texture are you using?
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