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  1. Hi there, I tried to figreu out why my SAM (SE) textures are missing. I thought I installed everything needed...but I wouldn't swear on it. So I played a long time with the same skin. Any suggestions what I did wrong?😅 Best regards.
  2. Thank you so much! Until now I like all of your characters
  3. Hi there...we're do I get these armors/clothing? Thought I have everything from this site. By the way. You (all) seem to have a lot of cool armors for SAM. Dou you have a list somerwhere? best regards
  4. Abubakur


    Do I need to get an extra mods for getting them nude? Saw a video with real physic dong animation...
  5. Which armor mod is that? And what skin texture are you using?
  6. It's a pity all these option are not available in SAM light
  7. Hi there! I really love it...but I think i missed something. The textures wont load. Just getting Blue nothing or no change...what did I do wrong?
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