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  1. Ohh that's impressive ^^ it's got a "sexy comic" style, really catches your attention while reading : D getting all those frames together must be quite the work, thoughπŸ˜… i think you should totally go for it, if time allows, of course XD
  2. ohh okay, i didn't do anything to the texts apart from placing the genitals really πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ i guess SSE lighting works differently on them... but if you want to tweak the back it's really easy you just have to "desharpen" or apply a very subtle blur to them in photoshop or similar program, if you want i can do that and send it over, really quick to do stuff πŸ™‚
  3. Never!! joking,πŸ˜† these are the the texts that Men and Muscles shared here, i just added the genitals and fingernails to the body diffuses to make it compatible with Skyrim SE's SAM light. Here they are: SAM Light Textures.rar ohh and they are named in a way to be recognized by Sam Morphs for Racemenu and it's in-game texture change, so if you go to SAM Texture in Recemenu you'll be able to change the "body diffuse" slider to get all the variations for body hair, just be sure to match the number with the "hand diffuse" slider πŸ™‚ haven't tested with different enbs for seams though : /
  4. Agreed! πŸ‘€ just look at that, so thick, jiggly, and shiny! 🀩
  5. You can get them from here, for LE and SE, sadly they're not animated :c it's meant only for screenshots, but there's four variations to simulate movement, and the textures look really nice! also doing some promo for a friend here, if you're interested in the white feather particles you could also check this mod (LE/SE) there's some other particles like leaves and petals too ^^
  6. So fuzzy you can use him as a pillow and lay on top ^^ but the claws are only for dramatic effect, he's actually a sneaky boy that uses another kind of "weapon" to get people from behind, sneak attack for 69x damage XD
  7. i use some custom ones i blended in Photoshop XD i'll leave them here, along with the body textures, in case you want to have a look They're 4k uncompressed and for SAM Light, but the face textures should work on LE too: Khajiit Textures.rar
  8. Wow! i'm just in love with these 😍 especially the hairy textures Thank you so much for sharing!! now take this:
  9. HarryDoppler


    Hey there =D i'ts from Kreis' Skimpy Outfits - Light Armor Redux II, there's also a glass armor replacer there
  10. HarryDoppler


    ohh sorry my notifs were off for the image XD SAM does have textures but these ones i'm using are from Flawn's Argonians, remember to download the SAM Patch as well
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