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  1. Thank you. Your answers was very useful, and I think I done it I used the tutorial from https://vectorplexus.com/topic/909-guide-refitting-for-sam-shape-atlas-for-men/ too. After I remove everything I don't want in this armor, I started refitting that to the SAM Body. It give me some issues with the weight paint like moving arms causing move the edge of armor in the armpit area, but I painted that a little, make some adjusts and I'm happy with the result (and it's my first time editing an armor anyway). I used CK + Nifskope to change all the part's slots to 52 and it ended with the problem of schlong appearing through the pants. I want to change a little of the weight paint yet, but for now I think it's good Thanks again. A pic from the final armor:
  2. Hi everyone. I was searching one armor/clothes that I like for my character. I found that (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/94963) and so I wanted to remove shirt for personal use only, staying with the rest and show more of the torso. I never did something like that before or did any custom armor, but I think I did it well making the armor looks like what I want, but some problems started to show. The armor was making the torso disappear, but I fixed it changing the slot of armor (that was in the body slot) and did the changes in Nifskope to match the slot as well, but now the schlong is appearing through the armor. Is there a slot or something like that what I can change to make the torso still appearing, but hiding the schlong? And another question about make this works with SAM. Some parts of armor don't fit well in SAM body too, with parts of torso clipping with the armor in some places. There is anyway to fix that? I used Outfit Studio to remove the shirt, can I adjust it from there? And I'm using this armor only on my character (not in any NPCs/followers), he don't use any Samson/Samuel options (both are in 0, with my character having 70 weight). With that the process of refitting maybe can be easier? Thanks :D
  3. Sad... I'm still trying to do it, but it give the same error... I will search more things to do about it, but at least the "boxer item" works well, it's a minor "upgrade" for me Thanks for your help.
  4. Anyone know more ways to do that? I'm still stucked in this
  5. I changed the skeleton.nif in settings but without results It's keeping crashing when I try load an outfit.
  6. Thanks for the answer, but I don't know if it's my fault, when I installed and run BodySlide from NMM it get a error when I try load NIF in there, telling "fatal exception, the program will be closed". I downloaded the mod from your link and it's not worked, so I download from Nexus Mod too but got the same error. I don't know what do now, I only know that's the error and a OpenGL error showed when I start studio too, but I think is not it. Any tips?
  7. I using that mod I said, but I have a problem now. Is there anyway to change the SAM's default underwear to a boxer, with a texture from this mod? I changed some textures and the underwear of the character already got the texture from boxer (very bad and out of proportion, but it's ok for now) but it's not a boxer yet, it's the same shape from default. Anyway to solve this?
  8. That was fast... so.. I found one and it's already what I want.
  9. Hello everyone. My "mission" now is find a boxer's texture to replace default underwear in SAM. I searched a while but all I found was only mods with some underwear to craft, and don't to replace. Is there anyway to replace default SAM's underwear like this? It's a example for what I want. And an aditional question and probably for the solution too, is there anyway to "convert" a underwear texture from a crafted underwear from a mod to replace de default underwear? I think it can be a good way too to do it.
  10. Thanks for your reply, that help me a little. I disabled every XPMSE related but my savegames don't opened anymore, no one of them, so I think to disable SAM for a while in the savegame where it worked before (in the one where I'm in Dragonsreach and SAM worked in the NPCs there, but when I exit and/or load another location, the problem happens) and I run the Save Cleaner in that. Aparently, the schlongs don't bugs permanently anymore, BUT I saw sometimes when I load the new location, the schlong yet appear through clothes, but it was very, very fast so it's not ever showing. Also, I can edit every NPCs again. I don't know if it's the definitive solution, and I don't know if are my others mods did that (probably yes because I have many mods installed), but for now it's working. I will play more and if any problem happens again I tell here. And remembering, I removed XPMSE.esp too in skyrim's folder. That was really a problem with it, and how I said, it's working now but I don't know if any other problem will happen, but I hope it's OK now... Thanks you all.
  11. Yeah, I did that and it's seems work on a new game, I can edit the NPCs in new game and aparently the problem is gone, I need play in more locations to have sure. But have anyway for me to continue playing in my save without the problem and editing NPCs again? I don't know what to do for solve this... and I really don't want to start a new game now...
  12. I already tried this, unfortunately don't work What I saw here it's really a bug related to XPMSE + Racemenu, because I have a preset for my character made now and saved in racemenu. When I create a new game, and so load the preset in that character, the problem occurs again. I saw too XPMSE adding menus in racemenu I don't want, like "genitalia". I think that menu and it options is confliting with SAM, but I don't know how remove this without remove entire XPMSE, and removing XPMSE cause my characters be static because I'm using various mods and animations what requires XPMSE... And I think it's what causing the problem in the NPCs. How I said, when I removed XPMSE and my characters was static, that problem specific don't occurs. Anyone know what the hell is happening? I really don't want make a new game to play right again.
  13. I did that, but nothing has changed I don't know... I have a save without it happens, inside Dragonsreach, but if I go outside for Whiterun the problem happens and I still see the dicks of some men through the pants, and SAM don't let me edit any NPCs anymore, but while in Dragonsreach I can (note: I can't edit in Dragonsreach even if I go outside and go back, I can edit only if load my save and DON'T load any scenario). I unistalled XPMSE3 but still having the problem...
  14. Hello, guys. I have some problems with SAM. I have a savefile when I load it, it works perfectly, all my mods 100%. But if I go out or load any other location, the male NPCs start showing a schlong through the clothes, with the schlongs option enabled or not, and I can't edit any actors from SAM > actors menu, only my character. I have some mods so I think it's a incompatibility or something like that, but I already reinstalled the mods one for one and nothing helped. When I start a new game, with the Live Another Life, when I load another location, same problem... I don't know what to do more. And it's strange to have some savefiles who didn't get this error until I get out from room. Anyone can help me?
  15. I want to make a character exactly like him, but I have nothing experience in sculpt the character for Racemenu or a 3d modeling in general, starting now in the college. I like so much him face, that's perfect for a character...
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