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  1. So I got it to work, but the SAM dicks don't look right in the animations? Like, the penis is way too up, so instead of going up my character's ass, it just looks like it's grazing it and his back. And when my character tries to suck dick, it doesn't actually go in his mouth.
  2. What is the id code for this? I can't seem to find it in-game when i do help "venus"
  3. I actually used your Bochu patch to make my twink! Thank you so much; he's adorable!
  4. I just got a gaming PC and Skyrim SE, and I figured out how to make SAM and all that work (thank you to everyone who helped in my last thread), but I cannot get Lovers Lab to work to save my life. I downloaded the framework, animations loader, and arousal mod, and I downloaded what I think was an animation pack for straight characters, but how do I get that to work? And how do I get straight animations to work for gay characters? For The Sims 4, you can just change gender recognition or remove gender recognition, but Skyrim Lovers Lab is sooo confusing. Also, sorry if this is weird, but how do I get the defeat mod to work for my male character? Like, when he gets defeated by a bunch of bandits, how do I get those bandits to, erm, force some stuff onto him that they're scripted to force onto a female character with this mod? Sorry, I'm sooo dumb and can't figure any of this out, and none of the 192392 guides I read or videos I watched are helpful.
  5. Oh wow, thank you so much! These mods look like the solutions to my problems, but knowing my dumb ass, I'll probably run into trouble installing lmfao. Thank you! And it did make them look better and more youthful, but I wasn't getting that totally airbrushed, porcelain-esque skin texture I was hoping for.
  6. I just built my first gaming PC, and I decided to get Skyrim SE since I was such a big fan of it on the PS3. As a feminine twink myself, I want to make a cute twink character to play as, but lord it's nearly impossible. I got the Fine Face Textures mod, Racemenu, and Schlongs of Skyrim (apparently SAM isn't compatible with SE?), but my character keeps looking old, rugged, and ugly, so I haven't even been able to progress past the character creation screen. Then I look up Skyrim twink, and I come across a video with a very pretty looking twink, and, well, how?! Also, how do people make Lovers Lab work with males? I downloaded it and all the settings were either M/F or F/F... I'm sorry if I sound really stupid, but I kept looking up information, and it's been weirdly hard to find anything, so I'd really like some help, and I think this is the only gay Skyrim adult mod community I've been able to find.
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