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  1. Hello, would anyone please help me fix this issue that I'm currently having? Whenever I alter the size of the buttocks of any character, it instantly messes with the physics and causes them to be pushed up and flattened. When I am editing the size in RaceMenu and alter the size it appears normally as it should, but the moment I save the changes and exit RaceMenu, the butt gets pushed up instantly no matter what I do. Typing in "smp reset" into the console fixes the issue, but then the moment I exit the console, it instantly gets pushed back up again. Can anyone please help me solve this issue? (Using Skyrim SE) what happens: what it SHOULD look like:
  2. tysm roy, are you able to share the refit?
  3. does anyone have a socks mod? like tube gym socks. i want to make like a jock character and use the pumping iron mod to start from weight 0 and work his way up as he becomes the muscular hunk of his dreams, but i need socks to meet that aesthetic, does anyone have a mod for some socks?
  4. we must band together and figure this out
  5. whenever i try to use the setpqv mod to set SAM value over 100 but it doesn't work anyone know how to make it work? or is it just broken
  6. howd u get the body to look that good can u save him as a preset/
  7. Most of you guys have amazing looking characters, but whenever I try to make one they just end up looking like steroid injected brutes. How 2 get better at making hot guys?
  8. how do you wear armor over the body? in the screenshot showoff thread you had a character that had this body but was also wearing armor on top of it but when i try it just unequips it
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