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  1. RedKing

    3D Pubic Hair

    When I say SAM does not work I mean only the vanilla body is visible and SAM sliders are unresponsive, and no pubes. (3Dphair below SAM in load order) Alternately, when the SAM body is visible there is a hole in the crotch between the body and the penis (floating in place) and still no pubes. (3Dphair above SAM in MO) I have tried both files, original and SAM version, same problem.
  2. RedKing

    3D Pubic Hair

    This isn't working either.
  3. I'm having trouble getting 3Dphair for CBBE and SOS to work in my MO modlist. If it's under SAM it causes SAM to not work, above SAM and I get a hole in the crotch... Do I need SoS installed? How are you guys getting this to work without it interfering with SAM?
  4. RedKing


    This is the only mod that does not work in my MO mod-list, under SAM it causes SAM to not work, above SAM I get a hole in the crotch... How do I get this to work? Do I need to install SoS?
  5. RedKing

    Windows 10??

    Awesome, thanks much for the responses!
  6. I hope this isn't a repeat question, but I didn't see it anywhere in the search. Is all this compatible with Windows 10, please?