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  1. Nice work. Guides are a blessing, and thanks for the work that went into making it.
  2. TBoneTones

    SAM — Shape Atlas for Men

    Totally nude, no armour and I still have the horrible wrist seams. Such a shame, as this ruins a great body. The 'wrist fix 2' additional files made no difference, despite putting them in the MO load order to overwrite the SAM core main file, in fact it looks exactly the same. The only thing I altered was the blend in the MSM Sam menu to make my player a bit overweight. I had, in desperation, messed about in nifskope, to try and fix these, but I don't have the requisite knowledge, alas, however I did get them a little bit better before going around in circles, but still looks awful. The question has to be asked, at the risk of seeming churlish and ungrateful, but the original creator went to all that trouble to make this amazing body....but messed up the wrist seams? I just can't my head around that.
  3. TBoneTones

    SAM — Shape Atlas for Men

    Great male body mod. The option to merge between meso and ecto morph bodies, and be hairy chested is fantastic, I can have a slightly overweight, realistic, heavy warrior whom is equally at home downing flagons in taverns or driving through nordic ruins in search of loot.
  4. TBoneTones

    SAM — Shape Atlas for Men

    I still get wrist seams even with the fix patch. When I used my older version of Sam, I cannot recall getting any such like, but this relatively new update seems to. Of course, perhaps it's to do with any one or more of my 240 plus mods.