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  1. Floppy SoS over on Lovers Lab is what you're looking for. Made for Schlongs of Skyrim but works plenty well with SAM.
  2. Just a couple of screenshots of my current Khajiit using 2 different ENBs and areas. Not currently using SAM (not very many texture mods for it, for Khajiit at least.), so I'm using SoS instead. Body texture is Masculine Khajiit Textures. The blue-er ENB is I believe Tranquility, the other is Elder Blood. Poses set up using Halo's Poser.
  3. Oh, okay so your edited textures dont apply to the Samuel morph, so at a certain level of that one they just disappear.
  4. Also curious on how to use these textures, I tried to put them in textures > actor > character > male but i didn't really see them?
  5. Hey, just wonderin' but what face mods are you usin?
  6. Hello, are you gonna be doing more work on this one/uploading anywhere?
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