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  1. Update: ok I think I figured it out. Apparently, there is a normalize command that forces the Samuel/Samson sliders to adjust each other. Once I removed that, I am able to put any setting of Samuel/Samson I want it seems.
  2. I'm currently tampering with the SAMMCM script to increase the Samuel/Samson max limit from 100 to 200 in the MCM menu but apparently the sliders try to balance each other out in which you cant have no more than 100 points total between Samuel and Samson (ex. can't have 75 Samson 30 Samuel because 75 + 30 = 105 so instead the script goes 75 Samson 25 Samuel) but when I increased the max limit to 200 apparently it apparently also set the minimum Samuel/Samson values to -200 (so now if I were to put 150 Samuel I would get -50 Samson which would make the morphs look weird). I'm trying to fix this issue to basically not have the sliders affect each other so I can have any value I want. The main problem is that I have no idea how Skyrim scripts work so its just trial and error. Does anyone have any good sources to learn more about these scripts? I tried STEP but no luck so far...
  3. Umomo

    Some Elves

    I made a dark elf vampire, a snow elf, and a sea elf. Though the snow elf and sea elf are my own renditions rather than being a high elf painted a different color.
  4. I'm trying to make a standalone follower replica of my player character but im having trouble having the SAM refit look properly with this golden ebony armor(from amidianborn). I used the vanilla skyrim refits from Vector (gold ebony armor copied the data from regular ebony and just changes the texture) My problem: The refit from vector looks way better than mine and I want to implement it to the follower as it would look on my character but I don't know how to do that in terms if using bodyslide/outfitstudio. I'm not to keen on outfit studio but I was thinking of importing the tri files of the armor then changing the samson/samuel settings from there to export the mesh to the standalone nif armor but I get an error saying "could not import tri files" so im stuck there. Unless there's another way to do this? Here is a picture of a side by side comparison of my standalone follower and player character using the same armor at the same settings of Samuel/Samson. (I didn't finish the face or colors on the body because I'm trying to work on the body rn.)
  5. I'm going to try to backport this cause it would be perfect for one of my characters. Though I have no idea how to do it yet so it may take a while...
  6. Umomo


    My buff snow elf
  7. That worked! Thanks so much! I have a little hdt shaking near the genital area despite it all but i'm overall happy with my refit!
  8. I have a new issue again.... I'm trying to refit the resplendent armor mod for SAM, and it almost worked. The only thing is that the built in cloak of the armor had its own hdt physics but refitting through this guide causes them to stop working in game. I'm still new to outfitstudio/bodyslide so maybe i just did something wrong or im missing another step?
  9. Ill give it a shot. might take a while though cause i've been busy...
  10. Yes exactly, i refitted the underwear to scale with the body but the bulge wont scale with the genitals.
  11. Great guide but maybe I missed something but i'm trying to refit an underwear mod, how do i refit it for the genitals to scale along with the penis size and body in game?
  12. Currently, this mod makes human races have missing genitals even with the hotfix. Idk if it's just me or I did something wrong.
  13. Currently, this mod makes human races have missing genitals even with the hotfix. Idk if it's just me or I did something wrong.
  14. Umomo

    Go'ru, the Mane

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