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  1. This is the refitted nif and i did not copy bone weights. I just copied the NiStringExtraData from the original XML. I also never edited XML before. I'm still a nub when it comes to this stuff... skirt.XML
  2. Im currently having problems with an armor refitted with hdt. The armor i'm using is resplendent armor. It comes with an HDT cloak/skirt thing and the front cloth piece seems to go over some invisible genitals or something. What I have right now:enb 2020_07_31 12_10_03_69.bmp What im trying to get:enb 2020_07_31 12_11_16_36.bmp Any help would be much appreciated!
  3. That worked! Thanks so much! I have a little hdt shaking near the genital area despite it all but i'm overall happy with my refit!
  4. I have a new issue again.... I'm trying to refit the resplendent armor mod for SAM, and it almost worked. The only thing is that the built in cloak of the armor had its own hdt physics but refitting through this guide causes them to stop working in game. I'm still new to outfitstudio/bodyslide so maybe i just did something wrong or im missing another step?
  5. Ill give it a shot. might take a while though cause i've been busy...
  6. Yes exactly, i refitted the underwear to scale with the body but the bulge wont scale with the genitals.
  7. Great guide but maybe I missed something but i'm trying to refit an underwear mod, how do i refit it for the genitals to scale along with the penis size and body in game?
  8. I'm trying to refit underwear for SAM but i'm not sure where to start. I know how to refit armors thanks to the guides and resources given on this site but i'm not sure if can do it correctly for genital based meshes. Any guides around here that can help? Update: never mind turns out i deleted genital resources for some reason a long time ago.
  9. I use Sam racemenu morphs mod to go a little over the mcm 100 Samson/samuel cap. I like how weightmorphs works when it comes to gradually changing these values based on eating instead of going to mcm or racemenu. Right now though, weightmorphs only changes the mcm samson/samuel values and not the racemenu ones. Is there a way to have the mod do both?
  10. I installed hdt BBB, hi poly genital meshes, and floppy SOS but as the title says, the genitals are flailing everywhere without stopping. I thought the 1.6+ updates fixed this? Or do i have to go back to 1.4?
  11. Currently, this mod makes human races have missing genitals even with the hotfix. Idk if it's just me or I did something wrong.
  12. Currently, this mod makes human races have missing genitals even with the hotfix. Idk if it's just me or I did something wrong.
  13. Is there a way to increase a character's shoulder width? On higher settings of Samson or Samuel, the arms seem to start going into the body. I Use Racemenu and xmse and there seems to be no option but messing with clavicle sizes but that isn't what I want.
  14. I just want to know in the far far future when Elder scrolls VI releases (and if it's still as mod-friendly) will there be an intention to continue SAM into it? Although I only scraped the surface of coding (albeit C# and just starting to tap into C++) I can't imagine how different you need to code for the next installment...
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