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  1. I use Sam racemenu morphs mod to go a little over the mcm 100 Samson/samuel cap. I like how weightmorphs works when it comes to gradually changing these values based on eating instead of going to mcm or racemenu. Right now though, weightmorphs only changes the mcm samson/samuel values and not the racemenu ones. Is there a way to have the mod do both?
  2. I installed hdt BBB, hi poly genital meshes, and floppy SOS but as the title says, the genitals are flailing everywhere without stopping. I thought the 1.6+ updates fixed this? Or do i have to go back to 1.4?
  3. Currently, this mod makes human races have missing genitals even with the hotfix. Idk if it's just me or I did something wrong.
  4. Currently, this mod makes human races have missing genitals even with the hotfix. Idk if it's just me or I did something wrong.
  5. Is there a way to increase a character's shoulder width? On higher settings of Samson or Samuel, the arms seem to start going into the body. I Use Racemenu and xmse and there seems to be no option but messing with clavicle sizes but that isn't what I want.
  6. I just want to know in the far far future when Elder scrolls VI releases (and if it's still as mod-friendly) will there be an intention to continue SAM into it? Although I only scraped the surface of coding (albeit C# and just starting to tap into C++) I can't imagine how different you need to code for the next installment...
  7. before I refitted, all of the armor showed just didn't scale, after refitting, the one part of the armor is missing but everything still scales.
  8. It all says Slot 32 as it should and the weights work fine. But for some reason, this specific piece of armor just does not show up in-game no matter the weights/Samson/Samuel levels
  9. I'm currently trying to refit the inquisitor armor. I got it to work somewhat, but for some reason, a piece of the armor won't show up in-game. I looked at the armor in nifskope but I've never seen one like this. The part on top of the tiny green armor is the part that won't show and I'm not good enough with nifskope to tamper with anything more than CT_STATIC to CT_MUTABLE. This is from a mod called inquisitor Armour revisited. Armor in Nifskope: This is what the armor is supposed to look like: What it would look like in-game:
  10. I have a specific vore fetish but none of the devourment mod versions support the SAM body. Apparently this mod used their own skeleton instead of XP32's. Is there a way to make the two compatable?
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