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  1. really underrated great mod. Nice work. Is it possible to change penis lenght with a slider? It seems the slider only change the girth, but the penis gland looks a bit weird since we can't change anything else. it seems your Wasteland Ranger - Atomic Muscle Refit mod has seams around the neck on some positions. it's only visible when very close tho. (I really like this armor refit btw) your mod makes me play FO4 again.
  2. I removed dawnguard references from the .esm with TESVEdit, cleaned masters, and now it's working. It was vampires head dependencies as you said. No crashes unless I want to export a .nif headmesh but I don't care, I can still sculpt and save/load it without issues in Enderal it seems.
  3. Any reason why there is a dawnguard.esm master file required for this mod? I want to use this for enderal but since it needs the DLC it's not possible. Probably the same for people without this dlc. A version without it would be great.
  4. I think it shouldn't be that hard to do tbh. However, MC command center already does something similar I think. Thanks for sharing! There's also an animated tongue/penis rig that will make pose/animations more accurate. I also found a working hand/neck/height slider.
  5. Gameplay wise, is this game great? I mean I love tactics game like Fire emblem, but I don't know about 3D environment. I hesitate to try this game.
  6. So this thread is now a "show my unreleased content because im lazy to ask permissions, so sorry you will just see them but can't use them, bye", even more when some of the refitted armors are from assets where the creator himself say it's free to use with credit to the author. I don't play skyrim anymore so I don't care, nor I'm interested by these kind of skimpy armor with Sissy look either, but I think it's frustrating for others while SAM has almost 0 refits. Just my two cents.
  7. SAM core only have a few refits. This file is for every vanilla armor in the game.
  8. I made some progress with the two actors sex animation. I learned how to simulate thrusts movements, at least I tried. I need to adjust hands from dominant actor because they are not well animated with the bottom head thrusts. I also need to animate lips, jaw, eyebrows more. I know how to add animation to whickedwhims now too, I tested my animation in game just to see if there were issue with cliping (I had these issues but I fixed them I think). I hate cliping. Nsfw on spoiler, just to show the "thrust" animation. Ignore the hands placement I will change how they interact. For the idle I don't even know how to replace the idle stand animation in game yet.
  9. It's a reupload. rhavik made some of the vanilla conversion in the past.
  10. This slider mod is old and I think it's not compatible with Racemenu 3.4.5, because SAM can have some issues with higher version than 3.3 if you don't have any HDT stuff. This mod is from 2015 and SAM didn't have HDT version at this time, the author just made a version compatible for the "vanilla" SAM version. I'm afraid this mod need to be updated but I can be wrong. If I can assure you, these sliders are the exact same sliders from the MCM SAM menu. However, It's certainly a quality of life feature to have them directly via racemenu. tldr; this mod is certainly obsolete and need to be updated for latest racemenu.
  11. So after reducing time between frames animation I have this result: Old one for comparison : I think it's really important to made this change because the animation appear to be more fluid and realistic. Correct me if i'm wrong because as I said, I don't use any tutorial I just try things with blender. I'm not an expert at all since I just started to animate, but I was really afraid about the difficulty to learn it.The only downside I see at the moment, is it can be extremely long and tedious, so you'll need a lot of time to do it. The animation is not impressive but I want to know if something is wrong with it, so if someone think there is something wrong or something fine tell me, it will help me a lot for arrange this idle and future animations.
  12. My first animation, I learned how to simulate breath movement & eyes movement without tutorial or anything. I think I need to work with the hands movement but the breathing and eyes seems fine. It still need some work because I think I should reduce times between frames so it looks a bit more realistic. I will certainly expand the animation a bit because if I do this it will be too short. In game : And some screenshots for the sex animation (they aren't animated yet, but it will looks like this in the future with two transitions) Spoilers (nsfw) This animation is designed with the male dominant point of view in mind. So if this is your fetish you will certainly like it. Oh and the sim I use (the red hair) is a modification to a sim I downloaded in the gallery a few days ago. I liked him so I made some adjustements to make it more pleasant to me.
  13. Thank you Sh1ny. I'm already an Author and already know about this. But I don't have technical questions for the moment. It seems the "other games" section in here don't concern Sims 4 judging the description. But if I have a technical issue I will ask these here. Be free to move the thread if you judge it necessary! Here what I'm doing with blender. The first one is an idle animation I try to do for screenshot purpose, or maybe as a idle male replacer, but I don't know how to replace it so for the moment it will just be a simple idle animation. Below it's a sex animation I'm working at the moment, that should work with whickedwhims in the future. (nsfw) In a spoiler because vectorplexus said he wants his site clean. So don't open if you don't like porn. @Darin N WolfIf you want cool stuff I suggest you try to look here http://luumiasims.com/ccpage, Looking forward to more screenshots of your males!
  14. Hello, I create this thread so you, people, can discuss about modding, share your creation with others, screenshots or things like that about The Sims 4. Only gay stuff ofc. I also want to know if people are interested to mod this game? Like making animations, poses, outfits, meshs etc for this game? To know if I'm not the only one making things and so we can discuss about it. I started to make poses at the moment (really nsfw), but I will try to make them as animations too. I will try to change the male idle animation too because the vanilla one is boring. One thing I really dislike contrary to Sims 3 modding is the lack of bones such as tongue in the rigs, it's really sad. But, it seems easier overhaul because some people made a tool that make the modding scene way easier. (Sims 4 Studio) I will post more stuff soon.
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