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  1. I might try this out at some point, but I'm just gonna say quickly I had a lot of issues with the original mod when it came to Kaidan speaking the wrong lines and stuff Basically he repeated the same complimentary lines so many times it made no sense, especially when he told me I was sooooo gifted with destruction magic despite only being level 15. And then he said it again. And then three more times. Anyway, that's my reason for not endorsing the original, but I'll try this out and see how it goes.
  2. Korelus

    Refitting Armor for SAM

    Thanks guys, I managed to get The Case of The Missing Man-bits solved.The Case of the Disappearing Dingleberries aside, I haven't been able to fix the armor yet. KouLeifoh, I'm fairly sure that's exactly what I did. And in case you're wondering about how I solved The Case of The Vanishing Virility, I actually had to use both of your inputs. the _0 and _1 nifs didn't have a SAMRevealing NiTriShape so I had to copy those over (though the samson and samuel bodies did already), but I also had to change all of the Alphas to 1, as per Cyrus' advice. So thanks again guys!
  3. Korelus

    Refitting Armor for SAM

    I do have the SAM action man though, I'm fairly sure the ken doll would cause him to just have a flat patch there rather than a hole. And I just tried using the SAM NIF libraries, but it didn't change anything.
  4. Korelus

    Refitting Armor for SAM

    Also - Here are some screenshots. So here you can see what the barbarian armor looks like by default with the highest Samson value. It technically doesn't clip (mostly) but it doesn't fit the body either. This is when I activate my version of the armor - the body now works, but the armor doesn't scale to fit it. You can see the armbands have been totally absorbed by the biceps. And kind-of unrelatedly: for whatever reason, the dick isn't there. I don't know what's caused that either, though it's less important to fix than the other issue.
  5. So I've started refitting (or trying to refit) the Immersive Armors mod for SAM. However, using the tools that I've been directed to in the other refit threads, it seems that I need to have a couple of files which I just don't have. Specifically, Hymnaru's guide (pdf can be downloaded from here) says that when making the NiTriShapes into .OBJ files in NifSkope, you should have a NiTriShape for SAMBody for each file. However, I have no idea what SAMBody I should be using for the Samson or Samuel meshes, since all I have in the SAM core files is a malebody_0 and _1. Anyway, I ran Skyrim to see if it would work without, and it's done some weird shit. Basically, when I equip the armor (Immersive Armor Barbarian), it doesn't override my body type, so I can keep the Samson and Samuel values I have, but it also doesn't make the armor change with my body shape. So, if I have high SAM values (or even low ones) I will clip through the armor. Does anybody have any idea what I did wrong? I don't have any prior experience with refitting armors so iI have no clue where I messed up.
  6. Hi, I was wondering if you had an install tutorial for these files? Specifically the 'Bodyslide tools', and the SAM Nif libraries (which I assume just go into the Bodyslide folder)
  7. Korelus

    My Argonian needs a leg day...

    I can confirm - Racemenu (possibly requiring XP32) has a tab called Body Scales, which lets you scale every part of your body (breasts, arms, legs, hands, fingers, spine, etc) individually. So even if you have a thin guy but want thunder thighs you can do that. And if you want a man with a single very large finger on his left hand, that is also possible.
  8. Thanks Jorrob, that's really helpful information, but if you could, I would definitely appreciate seeing some pictures. I'm trying to refit Immersive Armors to SAM and it's not going so well.