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  1. <meta title="Atomic Lust_animationData.xml" version="1.0" dataSet="animation"/> <defaults source="Atomic Lust.esp"/> <!-- ILER EDITS --> <animation id="Atomic Embrace ILER" time="60"> <actor gender=""> <idle form="010044D8" id="Atomic Embrace M"/> </actor> <actor gender=""> <idle form="010044D7" id="Atomic Embrace F"/> </actor> </animation> <animation id="Atomic Kissing ILER" time="60"> <actor gender=""> <idle form="0100540E" id="Atomic Kissing M"/> </actor> <actor gender=""> <idle form="0100540D" id="Atomic Kissing F"/> </actor> </animation>
  2. I understand sam(skyrim) but sse I don't knowI which file to use
  3. I founed this mod https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/13381 familiar? like sam? This mod can change everything voice,body,armor,spell ,etc. creator name lazy girl He or she I not sure I founded user at sexlab and he/she created clone mod npc SSE and fallout4 maybe you can ask his about script mod
  4. I would like access pleaseeeeeeeeee.
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