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  1. Hi all, Has anybody had success in getting XSoldier for WotC to work with Musashi's Dual Wield mods (i.e. dual pistols or dual melee)? For me, XSoldier causes Musashi's custom idle pose animations (both on avenger and missions) to revert back to default, which looks odd if you change the weight slider because there are two weapons sort of overlapping in the same hand... Anyway, I think it's only a "soft" incompatibility since the attack animations work fine, and the female animations are unaffected. I'm really enjoying XSoldier for WotC, and I was hoping to make a hulking, dual axe-wielding berserker type character... For now, I'll just avoid dual wielding on male characters. I'm just wondering if anybody has any solutions/workarounds/ insights into what might be causing this.
  2. That's perfect, thanks so much for the heads up.
  3. Hi all, I'm working on a sketchy mashup of the wolf armor and the BDO gotha rensa armor as a companions armor replacer (see attachments). I've got most of the meshes converted to SAM and working in-ame, but I'm having trouble with the HDT cloak - that is, when I export it from bodyslide the mesh stretches out and I notice the block list changes. Before exporting, the .nif doesn't actually have NiNodes for bones and I'm confused by that. Can this sort of thing be converted to SAM? If so, how?
  4. Awesome, I wasn't sure if it was one or the other. Thanks for your help.
  5. Hi all, (apologies in advance, since I'm certain this has been answered somewhere out there and I'm just not able to find it): How's the current compatibility between SAM and Moonlight tales? I mean the main version of the mod and not the essentials patch that comes with SAM. I love SAM and I've been using the patch, but I'm beginning to miss the functionality of the main Moonlight Tales mod. Are they firmly incompatible or is there any way to make these two mods play nice, even if that means compromising on a few features? Thanks and all the best
  6. Thanks, KouLeifoh. I thought maybe I would need to do something like that... I'll give it a try.
  7. This isn't really a SAM related issue, but it's for a SAM related project so I thought this might be a good place to ask. I've had some success making vanilla mashups for SAM and I thought I would try converting and possibly tweaking a few immersive armors. Namely, I'm thinking of making them modular and more revealing. I can't get past square one, however, since when I import the vanilla NIF some of the smaller objects end up out of place (see pic). I've tried copying the XYZ and YPR values from NifSkope but that doesn't seem to work. What the heck is going on here? and how would I fix it? I know there's an IA conversion to UUNP out there, so there must be a workaround... Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Ah, ok I see what we're talking about now. Yes, I had heard that he added some support for the SSS mod, but I hadn't tested it yet. I an glad to hear it's a significant improvement though. I haven't really tried SSE yet and I figured I would wait for the SKSE64 situation to sort itself out. Even with that, I do a lot of screen archery and I figured I would never fully move to SSE unless there was some sort of SSS. Might try it out now...
  9. Huh, yeah I see what you mean. That's funny, I read that Boris categorically refused to do sss for sse, and there's no mention of it in the notes for .327. But the fields are definitely there in the enbseries.ini I notice there's no general header for sss, but there are headers for object, vegetation, eyes, etc. I'm no expert, would the fields under [object] effect your character model? I'm used to tweaking it under [subsurfacescattering] for Oldrim. Edit: I think this may be a false alarm... There's no mention of sss in sse anywhere else (it would be a big deal), and I notice all the sss values in enbseries.ini are set to 1. You're certain there's a noticeable difference in your game?