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  1. HinaChan

    Geralt Wolf armor for SAM

    It is very handsome light armor thanks.
  2. HinaChan

    Daren armor for SAM

    Half naked man meat armor.. I love it.. Keep them coming sweety.
  3. HinaChan

    Geralt Ursine armor for SAM

    I am loving it keep up the great work.
  4. HinaChan

    SAM Dragon Bone Set

    I loved it. Though it does clip the hips slightly.
  5. Kai is sweet.. Bishop I shouted him off cliffs ,drug him into multi dragon battle left him to defend himself , and punched him.. I forgot set him on fire.
  6. HinaChan

    SAM Installation Guide

    So is there any plans to create hotkeys to pose the manly part?? Using console command don't work for partner when both are male...
  7. HinaChan

    SAM — Shape Atlas for Men

    I love it. It was little bit hard to install but once I did it was wonderful. Thank you for such wonderful mod.