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  1. Errol

    SAM Light Texture Add-on

    Strange, I am not using any other race mods....I also have not noticed any other issues I suppose the game was just bugged on that particular NPC. Oh well.
  2. Errol

    SAM Light Texture Add-on

    Such a high quality body texture add-on I love it the hands look great in 1st person. I am definitely a fan of it, I do have minor issue with the way the nipples are coloured as well as the penis head being too pink for my taste, if I may ask maybe add an optional file that fixes it.....Also I think I found a bug, I was exploring some ruins on a mountain and found a dead Nord...naturally I looted his contents but then realized that his penis and scrotum was a complete different colour than his white body (you might want to look into that) I'll also be looking out for any other bugs like that one. Kudos, Errol 😃
  3. Errol

    SAM Light

    Looks like I have both installed and you mentioned that SAM High Poly Conversion has them so that would mean I don’t really need the Vanilla SAM refits...correct?
  4. Errol

    SAM Light

    Where exactly are the refits that are compatible for SE? Thank you I’m advance.
  5. Errol

    SAM Light

    SAM Vanilla Refits? Yes actually I do.
  6. Errol

    SAM Light

    I got this mod for my SE, however I have noticed that the npcs are getting a wrist gap....any way to fix this? my Character seems fine.
  7. Errol

    SAM — Shape Atlas for Men

    Hi! I don't know if anyone is going to read this anymore, but I am in need of some assistance. Recently I got back into playing Skyrim (2011) I started a new game just for fun, however just yesterday when playing I noticed that whenever I loot some bodies the crotch area is either missing or it's covered by some grey cloth (vanilla underwear) I have reinstalled the mod and textures but nothing is fixing it.....certain NPCs have this issue, Which I think it's strange because clearly I selected Enable Schlongs in the settings via Mod Configuration for SAM.....also just the other day my character had a boner for no reason( I have fixed the issue so far) But the problem with the random grey cloth still happens. P.S I also want to add that I have the dreaded Neck seam for certain NPCs I followed the instructions how how to "fix" it but it's still there can anyone direct me to where I can read upon fixing this. It distracts when talking to NPCs. Much Obliged, Errol
  8. This looks amazing, I assume you are using SAM? what other mods did you use for this screenshot? kudos.
  9. well whatever the case is, Is till seem to get the gap in the hands and the neck gap too. no matter what I try it's still there.
  10. I can't seem to get the SamHandsfix2.zip file it says that it is missing. can anyone direct me to a link?
  11. I am too experiencing this neck gap on NPCs. Has anyone found a definitive solution? Other than fixing them yourselves...I have no experience with 3D modeling so there goes my chances on fixing this issue.
    Such a wonderful mod Thank You for making it, I previously had SOS and while I did enjoy it the body always lacked something...it needed more realism. By that I mean the body just felt generic and everyone looked the same...boring, however with SAM installed the game now has more diversity with the male body everyone looks unique and so does my player. 10/10 will always download as a must replacer for the male body. ?
  12. Nice Nice screenshots, say you would be able to tell me what type of underwear mod you used for him? It has a very rustic vibe to it, I'm nodding my Skyrim and the look I'm going for is a more rustic type.Thanks in advance.