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  1. I think I could keep watching that on a loop. Also Anyone got any suggestion on a good weather, lighting and enb combination for SE?
  2. any chance of a patch for Hvergelmer beard mod
  3. I'm can't seem to get rid of the underwear. the schlong works but the underwear won't disappear
  4. nice. don't suppose of a public release cause your body texture look amazing
  5. For any who has a VR system had has skyrim VR the mod author of racemenu is making a vr version. Tried it my self and works fine. still a work in progress. https://www.patreon.com/posts/racemenu-vr-2-32555429
  6. I'm still using mighty beast. Nice textures, your own I guessing
  7. It is just me or is any else interested in a hulking super mutant mod for fo4. Similar to the ones made fo3 and FNV
  8. I think the reason being is that the new version doesn't have a .ESL. should just work just re do your body in bodyslider
  9. ok, its back, different load order same problem.
  10. thats seems to have done it. not sure how because I had these mods installed before with no effects
  11. I have tried with SAM high poly with the same effects. the problem starts as soon as I use sam from either the MCM or Racemenu. the only thing I haven't checked is if it effects other npcs
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