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  1. MattRed1996

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    I'm still using mighty beast. Nice textures, your own I guessing
  2. MattRed1996

    Fallout 4 Screenshots

    Grognak the Barbarian
  3. MattRed1996

    Ulfberth's To do List/Suggestions (Bodytalk)

    Hi, I noiticed that the mod author has removed all vanila and DLC armors and clothing refit from nexus. I still have the mod installed but I was think of people who may have just discovered BodtTalk won't have all armors from the game refitted. would you be up for it or is this too much to ask? https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/35043
  4. MattRed1996

    Fallout 4 muscle mod request

    It is just me or is any else interested in a hulking super mutant mod for fo4. Similar to the ones made fo3 and FNV
  5. that is the nevernude files. I can get some to work but others end up like that
  6. am I doing somthing wrong
  7. how do you get these new body slider to work with outfits. do I have to completely redo each outfit individually? https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/40037
  8. MattRed1996

    BodyTalk V2 and AAF, No Erect-Problem

    I think the reason being is that the new version doesn't have a .ESL. should just work just re do your body in bodyslider
  9. MattRed1996

    BodyTalk V2 and AAF, No Erect-Problem

    Are you Are you using vortex?
  10. MattRed1996

    Weird hand glitch

    ok, its back, different load order same problem.
  11. MattRed1996

    Weird hand glitch

    thanks for the help
  12. MattRed1996

    Weird hand glitch

    thats seems to have done it. not sure how because I had these mods installed before with no effects
  13. MattRed1996

    Weird hand glitch

    I have tried with SAM high poly with the same effects. the problem starts as soon as I use sam from either the MCM or Racemenu. the only thing I haven't checked is if it effects other npcs
  14. MattRed1996

    Weird hand glitch

  15. MattRed1996

    Weird hand glitch

    I tried on after another with the same effects