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  1. Hello. I am experiencing a problem. That is: I already had one time made a mod configuration when I could modify glute parameters, as one of the topic that helps me on my account. The problem is that I cannot do it again, because every time that I do it, by activating the BBB bounce mod, the body desapears, and IH it place I only can see a big triangle format with a white light inside it, as the textures and meshes was not found. What should I do? And what are the correct order, if I have the sam, HDT PE, Sam BBB, rag dolls and force plugin. Only, XPMSE, Racemenu, rcae, SOS plugin only, floppy sos, SKSE, FNIS? How could I solve the problem? Is there a correct installation of xpmse, or some other thing that I don't have? Also give me the order that you put. I only can see the head, and the penis, don't remember if I see the arms too. Every thing seems to be normal, until I activate BBB bounce. I done this what is shown on the photo, but the error occurs and I can't solve it. Is is taking me already days to try to solve it.
  2. Hmm. But I think that even the racemenu give me a call a limit that is the same that the SAM give me... So I couldn't make it bigger. So what I should do?
  3. Hello. I have searched a lot how to make my butts bigger then the slider allows. For example, the maximum butts size set to my samson character is 0,250 for waist, in other words hips or butts. How do i make my waist even bigger then this 0.250? Is there some console command to chage this variable for something like 400? Or some slider? because the one that i searched cannot do more then this. The maximum for schlong is 100, but i found a mod that makes it go up to to 150. How do i do that with waist settings? to put it around 0.350, maybe? Thanks