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  1. first you need fully install SAM. and after this install my mod. As i see you incorrectly install SAM, you still have old creepy feet... Step by step
  2. when you sit, prisoner tunic have clips on chest. (body hair not working too)
  3. Well... Some clothes have had clips (When you move, if you just stand then these problems are not visible.) In some armor and clothing, the "Body hair layer" does not change. P.s. I don’t have time to check everything, but it definitely is on the mage robes.
  4. Anyway to remove this scrotum hdt (1.5)? FloppySoS Conflicts. Your scrotum stretches and flies around you. XD Besides, I think that a physical scrotum without a physical cock is a pretty bad idea.. Sorry :C
  5. Look for sections on the forum or downloads. You'll find exactly. That's how fast I don't know.
  6. This is just 3d meshes. And there are no bugs here. If you want something that would look fine. Use textures with pubic hair, not completely hairless
  7. Exactly !!! I can't use enchanted light and T.A.Z Visual Overhaul with SE. And with this two mods i'ts look MUCH better than SE or SE with any ENB...
  8. It's look like normal maps is missing or is't loaded (if u have weak pc). UPD: Check the texture folder and make sure that there are those textures that you changed. If this is all right, then it happens (at least for me since my PC is a potato) that the textures aren't loaded because of their size (file size) (or something like that), or the format of the image encoding (as in paint.net) can cause problems. I can be wrong, because I say everything on the basis of my own trials and mistakes and was not interested in this on the Internet.
  9. Very goood UPD: which retexture you use? Looks pretty good.
  10. Thanks for work... But I'm not a fan of men's bras and corsets.
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