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  1. Render

    SAM High Poly Conversion

    Is there no way to do this just for the MC? Forgive me for asking about this. :C
  2. Render

    SAM High Poly Conversion

    Works only on the MC? Or on all the NPC in the game? Excellent work, even if I can not install it due to a weak computer.
  3. Because this mod replaces the textures of only human races. If you want to put them on argonians or kadjits ... You will have to rename some files and shove them into the folders of the proper races. Of course you will have problems with the seams on the textures, because they weren't made for the bestial races.
  4. Render

    Tan Lines for SAM Body

    The uncircumcised penis has its own texture. They also need to be replaced. And then the problems will disappear. (as i know)
  5. Render

    Tan Lines for SAM Body

    Looks like you beat me, I also wanted to write about it.
  6. Render

    Tan Lines for SAM Body

    I was glad to help your work. ?
  7. Render

    Tan Lines for SAM Body

    Guys try this . This is fixed version of Robroy work tan lines.rar Show screenshots. I can't see how it looks in game.
  8. beautiful abs . i want this in my game :C
  9. Render

    Skimpy Orcish Armor

    Please stop ... You make me return to this game
  10. Render

    Lazy Render

    There is little news. They are both bad and good at the same time. 1. I found a problem that tortured me for a couple of months. And I'll fix it. 2. Because of this problem, I will have to do a texture for people. Since I'm silly and i don't always save textures in psd files. And in general I lost a lot of things from my archives >.> P.s. Something has happened, and now. I've had more time and now I'm thinking finally get down to business and not be a lazy ass that has already promised a year, but doesn't do anything.
  11. Render

    Skimpy Glass Armor

    Perfect. Need dangling dong version >.>
  12. Render

    Skimpy Glass Armor

    Omg. Perfect
  13. Render

    Skimpy Imperials

    Any versions with dangling penis ? Good work (Very) . (For my tastes to skimpy , but good).
  14. Render

    Lazy Render

    So far nothing new. I have more important things to do.
  15. Absolutely for me. I want him to be in my collection. V////v