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  1. I'm so sad to hear that :C Everyone gives up on classic Skyrim T.T
  2. What a loincloth and bulge hdt? When i click on it, it jumps to an invalid discord prompt. I'm not really smart. Is this only for SSE? Only SAM Light, classic doesn't work? Aw :C Great mod after all. Need combination variants.
  3. That's the difference. Nothing more... Sorry what?
  4. Ok guys. Next week i upload 4k(AI up-scaled) version (looks good) and for SAM light too :D. And i want finally make cats in skyrim better (especially their feet)...
  5. when you sit, prisoner tunic have clips on chest. (body hair not working too)
  6. Well... Some clothes have had clips (When you move, if you just stand then these problems are not visible.) In some armor and clothing, the "Body hair layer" does not change. P.s. I don’t have time to check everything, but it definitely is on the mage robes.
  7. Anyway to remove this scrotum hdt (1.5)? FloppySoS Conflicts. Your scrotum stretches and flies around you. XD Besides, I think that a physical scrotum without a physical cock is a pretty bad idea.. Sorry :C
  8. Very goood UPD: which retexture you use? Looks pretty good.
  9. Thanks for work... But I'm not a fan of men's bras and corsets.
  10. Is there no way to do this just for the MC? Forgive me for asking about this. :C
  11. Works only on the MC? Or on all the NPC in the game? Excellent work, even if I can not install it due to a weak computer.
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