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  1. And finally, SSE has the same problems as the SLE, there is no difference in them.
  2. First of all, do not install mods that you do not know how to use. Do not merge them (Otherwise, you may get errors.) not all mods can be merged Download the fixes of the game itself (At least uslep) Download (And follow the instructions.) https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/72725/ And set "UseOSAllocators=1" and "AlignHeapAllocate=1" (It will help prevent crash (And help against crashes in general) when racemenu sliders update (sam body sliders). And you will see which mod is needed to others mod to work) in CrashFixPlugin.ini If you have a weak processor (or whole pc), then do not install many mods in which there are many heavy scripts (or do not install them at all) See instructions in what order should the mods in the launcher... Drop SKSE.ini (which I shared below) in Skyrim/data/skse folder. It will help too ._. SKSE.ini
  3. Everything works for me ... in the nioverride.ini settings Find the settings responsible for the layers (body, head, and so on) and just increase their number both ispell and inum . I also set up the MCM setting myself to select a speculars from the WetFunctions(redux version of course) folder ... Where did I drop my textures just drop it in data/textures/actors/character. WetFunction.7z
  4. Well then, I will continue to store everything on my cloud drive ... Thanks for answering.
  5. I don't think this is a good idea until one of the moderators responds. If everything is ok. I will post a link to the mods in the archive, and then it will depend on those who want to download them.
  6. That's the difference. Nothing more... Sorry what?
  7. Ok guys. Next week i upload 4k(AI up-scaled) version (looks good) and for SAM light too :D. And i want finally make cats in skyrim better (especially their feet)...
  8. I didn’t do it. But I have a lot of saved content from HoT...
  9. first you need fully install SAM. and after this install my mod. As i see you incorrectly install SAM, you still have old creepy feet... Step by step
  10. when you sit, prisoner tunic have clips on chest. (body hair not working too)
  11. Well... Some clothes have had clips (When you move, if you just stand then these problems are not visible.) In some armor and clothing, the "Body hair layer" does not change. P.s. I don’t have time to check everything, but it definitely is on the mage robes.
  12. Anyway to remove this scrotum hdt (1.5)? FloppySoS Conflicts. Your scrotum stretches and flies around you. XD Besides, I think that a physical scrotum without a physical cock is a pretty bad idea.. Sorry :C
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