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  1. I liked Skyrim's ending, it was subtle and had a satisfying closure.
  2. There is Sexlab, which is a sex framework and is the predominant sex mod as for now, having so many animations and add ons that is. Osex is an interactive sex mod, it's good but doesn't have as many animations.. though all the animations that come with it are of superb quality. Flowergirls, another sex mod that is more or less aimed towards hetero relationships as far as i know.. wouldn't recommend!
  3. Yep, all of those are possible in SE, not sure about Enderal. SAM Light + SAM High poly body + SAM Morphs + HDT BBBounce (Requires HDTSMP ) for SAM Everything plays just fine with Sexlab
  4. This is wonderful! What ENB is that?
  5. Ayser

    HDT BBB Bounce for SAM

    Any idea what type of mods would cause this to crash upon stripping the character armor? Could it be conflicting mods?
  6. Vector doesn't seem like he'll be doing anything with SAM anytime soon, maybe we could ask for permission? If he declines then that's totally fine, it's his mod and his hard work.. I honestly desperately want SAM ported to SE. i don't think there's any match for it out there.. for now, i'm using SOS but it's just not the same. Gotta look for a silver lining, it's not entirely hopeless for SAM to make its return to SE!
  7. Ayser

    SAM High Poly Conversion

    Brilliant work KouLeifoh!
  8. Ayser

    SAM high poly feet mesh

    That's crazy attention to detail.. just brilliant! Can't wait to see how it all turns out.. I've always thought of having 3D finger/toe nails.. I'm a whore for detail
  9. Ayser

    HDT BBB Bounce for SAM

    I'm late for the party but i've only just gotten back into skyrim! Thanks for taking the time to maintain this
  10. Ayser

    SAM Installation Guide

    Thanks for the tutorial.. I'm sure newcomers are going to appreciate this one question though, are the skimpy armors optional? Or do they replace the original Vanilla armors? ''Gonna get cold tonight. Might want to at least cover your delicates ''
  11. As far as i know the consoles don't have SKSE so i don't think that will be possible...
  12. Ayser

    SAM & SOS

    Are you using both SAM and SOS at the same time? If so, uninstlal one.. specifically SOS, since SAM is newer and it's supported and will have future updates.
  13. Oh I guess it's just me that getting those problems.. I mean, i'm not really getting any weird problems like the penis deforming or glitching.. the mod seems to be working fine but when i load a save game that has FloppySOS installed it just crashes until i load a previous save that didn't have FloppySOS.. the problem lies within the fact that whenever i fast travel or exist cells.. i get a massive FPS drop! I never had anything like this with HDT willy or any other HDT mod (Even when it's disabled for the player and NPCs, it would still happen). I posted about this on the mod support thread.. I'm gonna tinker with it a bit more and see if i can find a workaround.. if nothing works, i guess i'll have to do without it even tho it seems like an indispensible mod for me now, i just like those small details and i'm a slut for immersive mods Oh and as for the Nvidia hairwork.. that would be amazing honestly! I just for some reason can't imagine that happening in skyrim at all.. but hey, anything is possible with Skyrim
  14. Ayser

    SAM Presets ?

    Hello! I know i'm terribly late.. but HERE is a place where you can find a couple of good mods to make your male characters look great You can indeed make a character similar to him in Skyrim.. his facial structure doesn't seem complicated. I highly recommend that you download Racemenu If you want to take your character customization to the next level..
  15. I'd love for SAM to have an integrated HDT option for the penis.. Like an option to make the penis and balls jiggle freely.. I know that Floppy SOS exists but it simply didn't work for me and i'm not sure if it's just me but i had terrible performance issues with it for some reason.. I'd love to know if anyone else had any similar problems. I recall once downloading a mod that lets you equipt the HDT physics for the penis, i think you could actually craft it.. I've been looking for it lately but it's nowhere to be found. that was the only penis physics mod that worked well with SAM.