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  1. Thanks for the answer and...can't wait for more of your great work...
  2. Thanks for the gorgeous boy/house and for making him for LE edition since now its hard to find new content to old rim. Fantastic work.
  3. Cool, Is it hard to make him as a follower or you just like better making preset and screenshots? I am having a hard time transitioning to Sky SE. Would you make him as a preset, since you like to do them? Its a pity to make such a beautiful work of art and not being able to play him or with him. Anyway, again, I love your work and great taste in making beautiful young men. Kudos and thanks for answering me so fast. As you know I also follow you in Nexus
  4. Don, did you ever upload this beautiful SAM wood elf for us to download him? PS I love your work... I am going to start playing SE just because of some good people like you that left "old" Skyrim, I guess...
    Thanks again. The joy of finding moders making beautiful people. Your character looks also very good looking. I vote for more pics ?
    Ty for the beautiful work of art. I think I am in love ?
  5. Hi Don, Just started playing with him and, it works like a charm, TY again. Request: Do you think you can find time to make something like this for Kaidan by by chance? Those are the best voiced companion mods that I like a lot but don't like their faces. Your work with Lucien made me love to have him with me now so, I was hoping you could do the same with Kaidan so I could have the 2 with me in Skyrim... returning to this game that never dies cause this great mod community we have. Thanks for the great work again. Now back to the game ...
  6. Thanks a lot. That was what i was looking for for some time, the perfect Lucien to me. I also loved your character...maybe you could make him as a follower or player preset. Thanks a LOT for your beautiful Lucien. Two of my characters pics attached. enb 2018_08_27 19_20_15_69.bmp enb 2018_08_27 19_20_15_69.bmp
  7. How did you get this pubic hair? Never found a good one like this one....
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