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  1. Poisoned

    Ulfberth's To do List/Suggestions (Bodytalk)

    Long John yes. while what i'm wishing is the possibility of something like....:
  2. Poisoned

    Ulfberth's To do List/Suggestions (Bodytalk)

    Thanks for this, there is only one thing, similar to the towel, how about the longjohns?
  3. Poisoned

    Fallout 4, Better, fatter, gayer.

    thank you, i did some personal editing on all of the pictures. only if i'm good at those applications.
  4. Poisoned

    Download — Battle Towels - Bodytalk v2 Refit

    I had to update alot of things, used the towels to take a shower, but i went back again to Skyrim. there is something in the game that i boring, i'm not sure what it is. the story line, the roaming all over the world ghouls, the inability to properly use the AAF, the lack of MM animation, im not sure.... although i should've taken a screenshot for the towel and post it here, shouldnt i? do we have that towel for Skyrim SAM Light SE?
  5. Poisoned

    Download — Battle Towels - Bodytalk v2 Refit

    again, hands down and all the love for the towel... you have no idea how much i wanted to see my PC with an HDT towel... seems i might go back for the FO4 after all
  6. just dropping an appreciation for hard and great work, your preset sir, made me go throughout all the fuss to install FO4, and all the required mods to do the same character that you have. but, unfortunately, not enough mods to satisfy my taste, so i reserved the whole game into my backup. just in case.
  7. i have removed the game because i wanted some space on C, reinstalled it... after everything is done, i have re-faced the same issue, and no, order didnt solve it. tried the SAM & the SAM LIGHT, SAM has a hole in the pocket and LIGHT has pink skin. i'm almost certain it is a mesh confect. because when i installed SOS, the other NPCs has additional fixed D, also some specific NPCs has different skin than the one set by SOS. i went throughout all the mods installed. i wasnt lucky. via MO, i'm uninstalling everything, shall try again. that is plan Y, i hope i wont have to do plan Z. [update] MNC compatibility patch requires to be removed and install the updated version
  8. thanks a heap such potentials. i remember this mod from LL for SOS, but it had a problem. the back part wraps inwards like a diaper when crouching/sneaking. but still, i'm going to use it.
  9. it was clearly order problem, what i did was installed Loot, updated list, re-order, apply and done.
  10. DARNEXX i'm not good at handling forums, apologies, this file above (elemental enhanced) was download in 2016 (not sure from where) it is Male Spriggans and Male Flame Atronarch combined. worked with SAM but didnt tried it out with SOS
  11. speaking of which, i also have this Elementals Enhanced v1.0.7z all credit to the author. maybe it was a combination of the above two files.