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  1. Success is had. Turns out I shoudn't've been so impatient to get an eyeful of Argonian dick. Thanks!
  2. The ESP was activated, it was most likely another mod IMO, and I had more or less all the other MCM menus, as far as I could tell. While troubleshooting, I went down my mod list, turning on groups of ESPs until the underwear/schlong switch broke, then turning off ESPs, turning them back on, etc, until I narrowed in on a particular spot in the loadout where it seemed to break. Each time I tested, I did "coc whiterun" in the console from the title menu to get a fresh stock character to try it out with. Again, SAM worked fine using this method until it got to around where Blowing in the Wind loaded (I'm not at all sure whether it is, in fact, Blowing in the Wind), as far as I could tell with my unticking/reticking method of troubleshooting (should note: I'm using Mod Organizer 2). Since I decided to simply play the game without SAM after a while of troubleshooting, I'm in a position to try this out now, since I'm way past Helgen. Though I'm using Alternate Start, so maybe something got goofed there, and the fact that I'm a decent way into the game now might mess it up anyways. Will report back soon.
  3. I took a look at the logs, and nothing seemed to pop out immediately. https://pastebin.com/xNKYP2Gk Said logs. I let it sit for a bit, waiting until I stopped getting notifications in the upper left corner. I should note that I'm still able to run dick-related animations (ex: player.SAE SOSFastErect), and I toggled between erect and flaccid and it responded successfully. Anyone with more knowledge have any ideas?
  4. I'm working on a pretty large mod setup (230+ ESPs/ESMs), and I've been having a hell of a time trying to get SAM to properly work. As of now, as said in the title, its MCM menu isn't showing up, and when I strip naked, the underwear is on but the penis and testicles are poking through. I've tried running FNIS multiple times, many rounds of unticking and reticking mods, regenerating my Smashed patch with SAM included, and none of it seems to conclusively narrow down a particular mod or problem. In terms of unchecking and rechecking mods, it seems to work flawlessly up until around where Blowing in the Wind gets loaded (I wouldn't think it's Blowing in the Wind, though). Am I missing something silly or what? Modlist: https://modwat.ch/u/Virulan/modlist Image: