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  1. y_sengaku

    Download — SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    Hello, As for the first one, do you play Skyrim LE with latest Racemenu (v 3.4.5) without HDT-PE? I recommend to install HDT-PE with latest Racemenu even if you don't use any HDT compatible SAM meshes in Skyrim LE since Racemenu v 3.4.5 does not like the environment without HDT-PE. As for the second one, you can check my post above (by default there is no optional texture available). The last one mainly concern the memory leak (so you should not spend too much time in messing up the sliders (though I suppose only too much messing of Samson/ Samuel sliders could cause such a bug).
  2. I confirmed that My potato laptop also cannot work with high poly version (I also made collision only version for test, but HDT-PE seems not to like the high poly mesh. AFAIK low poly body mesh works fine, I hope.
  3. SAM_Light_HDT_vagina_collision_enabled_lowpoly.7z SAM_Light_HDT_vagina_collision_enabled_highpoly.7z I hope this classic HDT collision setting I attached to malebody_1 (0).nif is compatible with your HDT one (I uses (some older version of ) Naturalistic HDT). While SAM light texture Add-on is only fully compatible with high poly variants, I don't usually play with High Poly meshes (so I just made them in a few minutes' hasty works), so please make a notice to me here if they don't work with your Skyrim LE. All the credits of course should be given to Vector and Kou. [Edited]: These packages only include malebody_1(0).nif and malehands_1 (0).nif, so just overwrite your original SAM Light meshes (preferably with back-up) with these tweaked ones (So they are technically just small patches).
  4. In principle, what you have to do is just to make SAM light body compatible with HDT vagina collision by attaching HDT havok path to hdtm.xml to malebody_1 (0).nif of SAM Light as well as that to hdtFingers.xml with malehands_1 (0).nif. If you can handle with Nifskope, it will take just a few minutes to attach these data.
  5. y_sengaku

    SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    If you meet all the requirements, then your Racemenu will have [SAM Textures] option. >Texture Selection (SAM Light only, textures not included) Note that you also have to: find compatible textures from somewhere in this site: rename the optional textures as malebody_01.dds, malebody_02.dds.....for skin, malebody_01_msn.dds, malebody_02_msn.dds for body muscles. Instead of [1] or none of the original texture, you have to number them from 01 to 10. put the renamed optional textures into Default race: \textures\actors\character\male Argonian: \textures\actors\character\argonianmale Khajiit: \textures\actors\character\khajiitmale , as explained in this post. You can tweak the textures from Racemenu>SAMTextures first after all these manual editing.
  6. y_sengaku

    How I Refit Armors

    Process is basically the same, though you may have to consider which body part of SAM should be used as reference. Gloves (almost without forearm): malehands_1 (0).nif Shoes (almost without the leg part): malefeet_1(0).nif Gloves/ Long boots: malebody_1 (0).nif
  7. Which one, malebody_1 (0).nif or malefeet_1 (0).nif did you use as a reference for the refit? I'd rather recommend the former, not the latter, as a reference even if you refit the leg outfit since morph file often works only one part of the body (head/body/ hands/ feet).
  8. y_sengaku

    How I Refit Armors

    Sorry for a really late response (and thank @air very much for the answers above). Try this attached regular body's meshes as references ( I include both SE converted and LE original meshes matching Kou's ref.tri). SAM_refbody_for_Kous_ref.zip Credits of the meshes of course should be all given to Vector. While I belong to the definite minority here, I have an impression that there is little difference between regular and high-poly meshes as a reference/ attached body of the outfit as long as the outfit itself is not so skimpy (it means that it does not have exposed body part much).
  9. y_sengaku

    How I Refit Armors

    It means that you have also to tweak .esp file (to enable weight sliders between 0 and 1) as well as the mesh itself. I don't personally feel like trying as well as recommending such a thing, but I assume that basic procedure would be as following: Enables weight sliders in .esp ([Armor Add-on]>DNAM - DATA>Weight Slider-Male) Renames [armor].nif to [armor]_1.nif. Fit [armor]_1 to malebody_1.nif (of SAM), i.e. weight 100 with OutfitStudio at first. Save and back up. You'll need this refit mesh as [armor]_1.nif in game. Download Kou's malebodyref.tri from the link below. Loaded Malebody_1.nif (of SAM) as a reference and refit/ tweaked [armor]_1.nif as an outfit in OutfitStudio. Import malebodyref.tri, and then some special sliders as well as normal Samson/ Samuel morph sliders will be added. Choose Weight 1 to 0 slider, and slide the cursor to the rightmost part. You'll see the armor get slimmed as you move the cursor to the right. If you set [armor]_1.nif as weight 100 (at the leftmost part), the rightmost part of the slider will be weight 0 option (i.e. malebody_0.nif) of SAM body. Save this tweaked [armor]_1.nif with weight 1 to 0 sliders as [armor]_0.nif then. Thus you'll have both [armor]_0.nif (for SAM body weight 0) and [armor]_1.nif (for SAM body weight 100), together with weight slider enabled .esp file. Done.
  10. y_sengaku

    SAM Light

    Which version do you use? LE or SE? Have you installed SAM High Poly Conversion (especially its SE version)? While naked, does your PC's body texture correspond with other parts of his body like head (i.e. severe neck seam) / hands/ feet? If your answers to all of these three is 'Yes', then the problem is not SAM Light itself, but the mesh of high poly hide armor refit. You can find the hotfix in the link below. If your answer, especially to the question #03, is no, the likeliest cause of your problem is some mods overwrites your hands/ feet meshes.
  11. y_sengaku

    Download — SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    >Texture Selection (SAM Light only, textures not included) If you mean 'SAM Textures', textures are not provided by default, as shown in the description. You have to find alternative textures somewhere in this site at first, then to rename and put them in the correct directory as explained in this post.
  12. y_sengaku

    SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    Sorry for late reply. So, Push [Z] key (as so in other powers/ shouts) and still no response? Technically these three powers are the same as shout/ racial special powers, so it is not so likely that any other mod directly intervenes its use except for SAM Morphs (Target), I suppose (Re-install Racemenu and UIExtensions may work, though)......
  13. y_sengaku

    SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    Which spell can't you use in game? All? SAM Morphs (Target) works only with NPC of playable-race. It means that it does not work with most of the 'custom' followers as well as some 'elder' vanilla NPCs.
  14. Thank you for your comment! I tries to re-make a convert of Fried without any tweak as little as possible in this week, but the color as well as tone difference around the neck is very easy to discern, even in the mostly original set of converted textures.
  15. y_sengaku

    How I Refit Armors

    4.6.1 maybe OK, but v 4.6.2+ is definitely no.