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  1. USLEEP=Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch USSEP=Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch While they, the most famous of different unofficial fixes, include their fixes of the original mesh (so I also used in USLEEP/ USSEP edition), they might also cause some visual glitch without their .esm files.
  2. SoS labels of the sliders comes from the (additional) genital 'bones' for the animation that had originally added to SoS's and SAM's skeleton. Is there any slider in SAMBODY like even Samson and Samuel that does actually works for your environment? They [sliders under SAMBODY] are primarily based on the morphs, not directly dealing with the skeleton. If none of them did not works, it probably means that the type of body mesh and .tri file in Sam morphs are perhaps not exactly matching for some messes in course of installation.
  3. I suppose you'll need to install Sam Morphs for Racemenu as well as XPMS(S)E, in addition to Racemenu (and SAM Light itself), to make these sliders under SAMBODY function correctly. Also make sure to check whether the skeleton .nif file of XPMS(S)E overwrite SAM's original skeleton, not vice versa (the opposite). In order to make use of Racemenu and its sliders to full extent, the original skeleton of SAM and SAM Light is not enough.
  4. I once posted a relevant comment (and tweak file ) in:
  5. Hello, I suppose they are technically not impossible, but unfortunately I don't have time to check the files again to convert them now. [Added]: OK, at least I made a test version of less veins normalmaps, though I have barely tested to check possble problem. Just overwrite the package with these body normalmap files. less_veiny_body_normalmap_test_only_LE.7z less_veiny_body_normalmap_test_only_SE.7z
  6. Thank you for mentioning. Apparently the issue was due to the incompatibility between the latest SKSE64 2.0.19 -Racemenu SE 4.0.14 and profiled save system of MO2 (2.3.1). After updating to the latest build of MO2 2.3.2 (auto update option only: on Aug. 17, 2020), .skse co-save file has been created again as it was before in SKSE64 2.0.17 and various morph sliders can be saved/ loaded without issues now. Sorry for bothering.
  7. Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, I'm not so familiar with texture editing and that's almost all what I could (and can). The difference of the color tone in fact comes from Skysight skin (and I at least tweaked to lessen it a little).
  8. Note almost to myself: The latest updates of SKSE64 (2.0.19) as well as Racemenu SE (4.0.13) often halt the function of UI Extension (1.2.0), that is necessary for this mod. [updated]: have an issue with the body morph function, the core function of SAM (full) as well as this mod, itself. In other words, this mod might be (at least for now) not 100% compatible with the latest Racemenu. I often fail in loading the saved slider parameters like Samuson and Samuel values in Racemenu's SAM morph window. If some of you have not updated SKSE64/ Racemenu SE yet, I'd recommend to wait for the update for a while.
  9. Sorry, do you install XPMSE in your load order? In order to make use of many sliders in Racemenu (including some bone node sliders of this mod), XPMSE should be installed as a prerequisite.
  10. Hello, Thanks for your report. I have two (three?) questions, or requires additional confirmations for your report: Have you tried only vanilla (records existed in non-modded Skyrim/ DLC) outfits together with this underwear? Or, tried mod outfit (not existed in vanilla Skyrim/ DLC)? Have you used this mod together with any other 'revealing'' armor? Simply stating, it (what you described above) seems to work as I intend as long as the visual of all the vanilla outfits keeps original since none of them shows the groin part in vanilla. This mod edits 'visual slot record' (Armor add-on) of all the vanilla outfits to hide the underwear in accordance with their vanilla visuals. Put it shortly, this mod may not work with any 'revealing' version of vanilla outfits without some edits. I also recommend to load this mod before any such a revealing version of the tweaked vanilla outfit. If such a revealing armor mod has a correct setting of 'visual slot data', it will overwrite the tweaked vanilla version of this mod so that the underwear should be shown together with the revealing outfit.
  11. I strongly recommend rhavik's refit rather than the optional package of SAM (see below). Mixing two kind of the mesh and .tri morph files from different package may seriously disturb the morph function. >Now this package does no longer requires the default vanilla Skyrim refit (in SAM's Download file section) for some torso refits. Together with rhavik's SAM - Vanilla Armor Refit (LE/ SE), my three refit packages (with the optional Briarheart conversion) should now cover the entire vanilla armor/ clothes refit, and should be compatible also with the latest Racemenu SE as well as SKSE64 without any manual conversion. I've checked my package, and I'm almost 100% sure the visual setting of the robe mesh in this package is the same as vanilla except for morphing function.
  12. This package covers all the vanilla collage as well as monk, necromancer robes, and I don't have any problem neither of LE or SE package. Which version of Skyrim do you play? Have you double-checked whether any other replacer/ re-mesh, including High-Poly ones in this site, overwrite the mesh of this package? Have you equipped other misc armor/ equipment mod when you find any visual problem, such as clipping? The clipping of the monk robe mesh is in fact suggestive, since AFAIK monk vanilla (and tweaked version of this package) robe mesh only has a very tiny part (!) of body mesh around the neck. Inside the robe, it is actually hollow (i.e. no body mesh). So, if the body appears, its clipped body mesh cannot derive from this package.
  13. Sorry for my late response. First of all, which version of SAM (light/ full) do you use? Between these two variants of SAM there is no compatibility of texture (as well as meshes). This texture pack is for SAM light, and I suspect that you try to use this for SAM full (what you described above makes me assume that some scripted texture swapping occurred in your Skyrim as SAM full does for diversifying the textures). Unfortunately, this texture pack is not for SAM full. I also have to point out that SoS full is not generally compatible either with SAM light and with SAM full without special tweaking, and it is likely that even some SAM light plus SoS full compatibility patch cannot avoid the texture (tone) mismatch between this package and the genital texture.
  14. It is possible to jiggle genital, scrotum even with non-HDT body (SAM Light default or High poly), at least in my understanding. In order to jiggle chest, belly and butt, you'd need HDT body (SAM Light) with corresponding nodes. Try the attached config file (to put into SKSE>Plugin) with tweaks, and extract CBPConfig_SOS.txt and CBPConfig_SOSScrorum.txt [sic] from CBBE 3BBB (possible warning for NSFW female nude, just in case), and overwrite the original config txt file of the latest CBPC (1.3.5) with these files. Of course I assume it cannot match HDT-SMP, but it at least works almost flawlessly without conflicts. CBPCMasterConfig.txt
  15. Totally possible. I don't install HDT-SMP for SE (CBPC only), and the morphs work perfectly.
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