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  1. y_sengaku

    SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    This previous comment of mine maybe convenient to you.
  2. Thank you for your reporting as well as confirmation! The problem is actually not .tri file, but the name strings in the refit meshes. Two weeks ago I didn't exactly realize how the script of SAM - full recognized the 'body mesh' to apply the swapped texture to it (since no documentation for the modders is extant). I erroneously assumed that decal setting might have be responsible, but the latest SAM Morphs for Racemenu added the texture swap function on similar conditions as SAM - full. Unfortunately, the change of the name strings in the refit required many .tri files to be re-built again, since .tri morph function in game need corresponding name strings in the mesh file like 'SAMBody', 'Hide skin: 0', and 'Fur' to establish the relationship between the mesh and .tri file. Just to change such name strings would break this correspondence and refit itself, and that's why the many outfit remeshes of semi-official Vanilla outfit in SAM - full did not work as intended. Their notorious 'Neck seam' was in fact caused by the broken correspondence between the original .tri file and renamed strings in the body part mesh that had originally meant to make them susceptible to the texture swapping script. So it took for a while for me to understand the situation and to export .tri files. Thanks again for your patience.
  3. Thanks you for comments! >.esp Sorry, but I still don't install SSE CK, so please convert .esp by yourself if you mind. >compatible with SAM high poly The mesh of this underwear mod does not include any bodypart, so it's technically compatible also with SAM high poly body.
  4. y_sengaku

    Download — SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    Hello, Really thank for the update. Can I ask a questiion for confirmation? Where/ which directory should we suppposedly put BaseName_[xx/xx_msn/xx_s].dds in? One of either two below? or any other particular folder? \textures\actors\character\male \textures\kl\overlays
  5. Thank you for console Tips! Now I don't have to kill him just to expose his nude. This mod became a bit nils-friendly. In fact, he is rare vanilla elder NPC to show how elder muscle/normal map looks with some weights. Most of the elder male like Arngeir are too skinny to show noticeable difference.
  6. y_sengaku

    SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    Have you installed XPMSE (for LE) or XPMSSE (for SE)?
  7. Big red ! indicates the broken mesh, so it means the refit mesh cannot convert back to LE without problem. Sorry that I cannot help you with this issue.
  8. > NPCs like Ulfric or Galmar that wear this armor and might not be at 100 weight possibly are the cause of my crashes ? In theory very likely, though I personally suspect there maybe other potential problems in the package. If I remember correctly, Ulfric in vanilla is weight 70, and Galmar is 80. Weight 100 actor is indeed very rare in vanilla game. You should not give any of this refit part to NPCs even if you can get no immediate CTD. As I wrote above, meshes and .bsa package have multiple problems, but the textures themselves are OK in LE. >If I am only going to use the heavy version of the armor, should I delete the files of the light version ? I'd recommend so.
  9. As for Ursine armor, you have to optimize all the meshes from SE format to LE. Also I'm not sure why and perhaps not directly relevant to your CTD issue, but the meshes of the both the heavy and light versions of ursinecuirass_0.nif and ursinecuirass_1.nif / ursinecuirass_light-0.nif and ursinecuirass_light-1.nif in this original package are so different (with and without pauldron) that I afraid whether Skyrim engine, regardless of LE or SE, can recognize them as weight slidered variants of the same armors. Thus, I suspect that the uploaded package may have problem also in SE if the actor of weight less than 100 try to put on. >I did not use the .esp and .bsa files that, if I am not mistaken, are made to work together and for the special edition only. Your understanding is correct. Though very confusing, .bsa file compression format is different between .bsa LE and .bsa SE and they are incompatible each other. So, You have to unpack SE's bsa folder to make the textures compatible to LE if you mean to use them. After my quick glance, all the textures in .bsa package are compatible with LE once unpacked.
  10. As for SE refit version of Stormlord armor, what you have to convert the mesh format back to LE is just gauntlet_1.nif and stormlord_1.nif among the meshes in the package above. Other meshes in addition to boots_1.nif and these two _1.nif are actually the same as the LE original (and, exactly speaking, not compatible with SAM morphs in _0.nif or don't have to be converted at all), as the author explained above.
  11. y_sengaku

    SAM Light

    I suppose that Old People 'race' just have separate normal maps (malehead_msn.dds; malebody_1_msn.dds; malehands_1_msn.dds) by Textureset SkinHeadMaleOld [TXST: 067CDC], SkinHandMaleOld [TXST: 067CDF], and SkinBodyMaleOld [TXST: 067CD9] in maleold folder. The problem is rather the fact that no mod author seems to pay attention to the possibility of this separate malehands_1_msn.dds while we have to match these three normal maps, I assume. Once we have a separate set of these three that are compatible with SAM -light meshes, all we have to do is just to bake genital into malebody_1_msn.dds. Isn't this assumption correct?
  12. y_sengaku

    SAM Light

    If you wish to try alternative to maleold textures, saml_elder_normal_v2_cmo.7z Credit should be given to Kou and MocChaoticran (It's actually adaptation of CMO's maleold normal maps to SAM light). It is closer to SAM original than BM-Sundracon one, so it would harmonize better, I hope. Alternatively, you can try an appendix of Skysight Skins Normal MAP for SAM Light.
  13. y_sengaku

    Download — SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    >EncClassThalmorMissile "Thalmor Archer" [CLAS:00072891][email protected]|[email protected]|[email protected],[email protected]|[email protected]|[email protected] This is taken from one of the templete for generic NPCs. Samson is randomly assigned to the generic NPC(s) in game from the following three variants: Samson -10; Samson 0; Samson 10 Samuel is randomly assigned to the generic NPC(s) in game from the following three variants: Samson -30; Samson -20; Samson -10 As for your last question, the answer is no. Without custom script of SAM it would be impossible to achieve it, I suppose.
  14. (NB: NSFW plus female nude) http://winkingskeever.com/how-to-create-new-body-paints-and-overlays-for-racemenu-part-1/ It's in fact OK to skip to Part 2. >Event OnBodyPaintRequest() >AddBodyPaint(“NAME OF BODYPAINT”, “Actors\\Character\\Character Assets\\Overlays\\YOURFILENAME.dds”) >EndEvent Change 'Yourfilename.dds' in the script code above to your muscle normal map's file name and try.
  15. While to apply muscle normal map is technically possible, it uses massive VRAM (due to the overlay's function we cannot compress the textures without quality loss) so it's not so realistic. You can easily convert your normal maps into overlays just as you make a racemenu tattoo overlay mod.