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  1. Thank you @Don I'm using the oringial Ava version since he was released on Nexus and I tried to make a compatible patch for SAM to my personal use, but I failed since I don't know how to change skeletons. Finally I can play with him naked 😋
  2. Nice! Now I can fuck Breniun with no worries ?
  3. I tried to disable all HDT-PE functionalities relate to the balls on FloppySOS and manually I changed my presets to disable then I tried all other presets too, but none of them didn't worked correctly. I'm using XPMSE 4.51 too, do you think it might conflict somehow? See my shots below, pic 1 I'm using HDT BBB newest version (balls got stuck) pic 2 I'm using earlier version 1.4 (works fine ?) I don't know how to put these shots to spoiler mode, if I'm breaking some rule just let know and I'll delete them ?
  4. First of all I wanna thank you for this amazing mod, I'm using it with SAM High Poly Conversion and looks perfect ? After, I'd like to know if you guys have FloppySOS installed with the new HDT BBB 1.5 version, because I had to change back to version 1.4 because the scrotum bounce conflicted with FloppySOS, I tried to disable the balls bounce in FloppySOS even so they behaved a kinda weird. Does anyone have the same issue or I'm doing some mistake?
  5. Man, never thought Torvar could be hot like that ?
  6. @Skeldal That problem happened to me every time I reinstall or update XPMSE, so I searched in XPMSE page and found out what I was doing wrong, you must follow the installation processes described in that page, I did the following process or at least went to a remote location, unequipped all armors and weapons deactivated SAM and created a new save, after that I used Save Cleaner and then reinstalled all mods and finally things went back to normal. Go to a remote location with no human NPCs who are using XPMSE3 near you - Unequip all your weapons - (RaceMenu) Set all XPMSE related sliders in RaceMenu and MCM to default - (Enchance Character Edit\Vanilla) Set all style options in the MCM menu to default - Any data that is left in your savegame is needed for reinstallation and not harmful - Remove XPMSE3 from your mod manager
  7. @grallonsphere You need to install XPMSE to have more sliders to edit the genitals, follow this link http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68000/?
  8. Nice guy, but is he too shy to show his face?
  9. Hello guys, I was wondering if anyone else besides me likes tan lines on male bodies and I was thinking if there's any textures out there for SAM or maybe SOS (since there's a lot of textures for SOS body) And I still have one character using SOS mod just for testing mods and fun. Do you guys know anything about a mod like that? I hope this pic don't cause me trouble it's just to illustrate
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