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  1. OdlanaviX

    Tan Lines for SAM Body

    @mojito817 Very hot! ?
  2. OdlanaviX

    HDT BBB Bounce for SAM

    Thanks for the answer @KouLeifoh ??
  3. OdlanaviX

    Condoms for Sam

    Nice! Now I can fuck Breniun with no worries ?
  4. OdlanaviX

    HDT BBB Bounce for SAM

    I tried to disable all HDT-PE functionalities relate to the balls on FloppySOS and manually I changed my presets to disable then I tried all other presets too, but none of them didn't worked correctly. I'm using XPMSE 4.51 too, do you think it might conflict somehow? See my shots below, pic 1 I'm using HDT BBB newest version (balls got stuck) pic 2 I'm using earlier version 1.4 (works fine ?) I don't know how to put these shots to spoiler mode, if I'm breaking some rule just let know and I'll delete them ?
  5. OdlanaviX

    HDT BBB Bounce for SAM

    First of all I wanna thank you for this amazing mod, I'm using it with SAM High Poly Conversion and looks perfect ? After, I'd like to know if you guys have FloppySOS installed with the new HDT BBB 1.5 version, because I had to change back to version 1.4 because the scrotum bounce conflicted with FloppySOS, I tried to disable the balls bounce in FloppySOS even so they behaved a kinda weird. Does anyone have the same issue or I'm doing some mistake?
  6. OdlanaviX

    SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    Man, never thought Torvar could be hot like that ?
  7. OdlanaviX

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    I'm glad you liked @Darnexx That's my reaction too @smidgen
  8. OdlanaviX

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    I'm not an expert on screensho ts, but I tried my best
  9. OdlanaviX

    Bugs with SAM

    @Skeldal That problem happened to me every time I reinstall or update XPMSE, so I searched in XPMSE page and found out what I was doing wrong, you must follow the installation processes described in that page, I did the following process or at least went to a remote location, unequipped all armors and weapons deactivated SAM and created a new save, after that I used Save Cleaner and then reinstalled all mods and finally things went back to normal. Go to a remote location with no human NPCs who are using XPMSE3 near you - Unequip all your weapons - (RaceMenu) Set all XPMSE related sliders in RaceMenu and MCM to default - (Enchance Character Edit\Vanilla) Set all style options in the MCM menu to default - Any data that is left in your savegame is needed for reinstallation and not harmful - Remove XPMSE3 from your mod manager
  10. OdlanaviX

    About Dicks in SAM

    @grallonsphere You need to install XPMSE to have more sliders to edit the genitals, follow this link http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68000/?
  11. OdlanaviX

    SAM - El Men's Underwear

    @Darnexx very gorgeous
  12. OdlanaviX

    SAM - El Men's Underwear

    Nice guy, but is he too shy to show his face?
  13. Hello guys, I was wondering if anyone else besides me likes tan lines on male bodies and I was thinking if there's any textures out there for SAM or maybe SOS (since there's a lot of textures for SOS body) And I still have one character using SOS mod just for testing mods and fun. Do you guys know anything about a mod like that? I hope this pic don't cause me trouble it's just to illustrate
  14. OdlanaviX

    SAM Body Collision

    Misunderstood... sorry
  15. OdlanaviX

    SAM Body Collision

    Definitely you're missing something, but maybe you already know that...