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  1. First of all, sorry for my english I'm italian so please be gentle. On the screenshoot Showoff Thread I saw a lot of incredible armour, cloth and other body mod, but I never found it in any place. I know that a lot of person are creating their own armour, but there's any way to download them and use them with S.A.M.? A lot of users are creating amazing piece and I just hope they want to share with others their creation. I'm not good enough to create my personal armour, I'm quite ignorant about programming and even when I try to modified a Skyrim map i fucked up badly
  2. retea

    Vampire Lord problem

    Thank you for the help! I think I will try it soon, and I really want to try a Hybrid character.
  3. This is amazing! How you do this?
    It's the best body-mod ever created, really flexible, perfect for create strong warrior or weakling farmer. In my opinion, something that need to exist in every rpg with a characters creation! Amazing work, just waiting the SE version to install it! [Sorry for my english :(]
  4. retea

    Vampire Lord problem

    So I did try to overwrite the file, but nothing happens. I have Better vampire installed and nothing else that could change the vamp lord, so I really have no idea what to do
  5. retea

    Vampire Lord problem

    Thank you for the help Still not working sadly T_T
  6. Hello everybody! First of all... sorry for my english! T_T I have a small problem with the vampire Lord when using SAM. Like you can see in the screenshot, it seems that when I use it the skeleton is not the right one, but the loadscreen dummy works fine. Can someone please help me? Thanks and good day ^.^
  7. retea

    SAM Installation Guide

    I have install with success SAM, but I have still one little problem. The Vampire Lord genitals appears to a little bit too violet, despite the skin coloro of the Lord. Is that normal?